Trevor Mogg

Trevor Mogg

Not so many moons ago, Trevor moved from one tea-loving island nation that drives on the left (Britain) to another (Japan). As far as electronics are concerned, he's in the right place, with the East Asian country continuing to produce a plethora of gadgets and gizmos for tech addicts around the world. When not writing for Digital Trends, Trevor can be found out and about taking far too many photos, or in front of his computer trying to sort them all out.

Bitcoin creator finally shows his face

Craig Wright has reportedly released evidence proving that he is "Satoshi Nakamoto," the inventor of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The Australian was identified as its possible creator last year, though this is the first time he's admitted…
Social Media

CIA gets creative on Twitter to mark fifth anniversary of bin Laden raid

Sunday was the fifth anniversary of the raid that killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and to mark the occasion the CIA took the curious step of tweeting the event "as if it were happening today."

Meet Otto, Samsung’s cute personal assistant robot that’s always watching you

Otto is a diminutive robot from Samsung that could one day help you control your smart home. Similar to Amazon's Echo device, Otto responds to voice commands, though also comes with an HD camera giving it home-security functionality.
Virtual Reality

NY Times to send out 300,000 Cardboard VR viewers in second giveaway

The New York Times is encouraging its readers to join it on its virtual reality adventure, offering 300,000 digital subscribers a free Google Cardboard VR viewer. Last year the news service gave away the viewer to a million of its print…

Google testing Trips app as a smart assistant for your vacations

Google's reportedly testing a new travel app aimed at pulling together its myriad of related services and data. Called Trips, the app can function offline and could be rolled out in time for the summer vacation period.

This amazing cardboard creation puts your cat in the White House

Give a cat a cardboard box and it'll either sit in it or systematically destroy it. A Dutch company making cardboard playhouses for cats sincerely hopes it's the former, and looking at its extraordinary creations, you can…
Cool Tech

Watch in awe as thousands of cargo ships traverse the world’s oceans

Check out this amazing interactive map showing thousands of commercial ships plying the world's oceans over the course of a single year. It was created to highlight the environmental impact of the shipping industry and to encourage research…
Cool Tech

New panoramic Mars video puts you on the red planet before Elon Musk

The day humans step foot on Mars is still a ways off, though a new panoramic video from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab offers the next best experience if you're at all curious about what it might be like to actually visit the red…
Cool Tech

Insect-inspired flotation system could save your drone from a watery grave

If you regularly fly your drone over water, or simply want more reliable landing gear for your flying machine, then check out the WaterStrider, an accessory that lets your drone float on water as well as cope with rough landings on rugged…

Instagram is quietly testing a black-and-white design for its app

Instagram hasn't done much with the design of its interface over the years, but could that be about to change? The company has confirmed it's testing a new black-and-white look that also includes redesigned icons, and some users are already…

Volvo to let families in London test its self-driving cars

Volvo's plan for autonomous cars is shifting up a gear after the company announced it's going to use 100 families to test its self-driving technology on regular London streets. Similar schemes are also planned for Sweden and China.

Clowns, airbags, and a zebra: Lyft’s debut TV ad demands your attention

Seeking to emerge from the shadow of its more famous rival, ride-hailing service Lyft on Monday night rolled out is first-ever national TV ad. And its bizarreness should at least ensure it doesn't pass by unnoticed.