Samsung to release white Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy Nexus


Samsung is about to release a bunch of white phones. That’s right, white! But not just regular ol’ white — “Frost White.” Don’t get too excited.

According to a press release out this morning, the robustly named Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch will be available in Frost White through Sprint staring on January 8, this coming Sunday. Customers can purchase the device at Sprint retail stores, through, or over the phone (1-800-SPRINT1). Like the black version of the Epic 4G Touch, the white model will go for $200 with the signing of a new two-year contract, or for customers who have an eligible upgrade.

Sprint will also offer the “simple and practical” Samsung M370 flip-phone in “Pewter Gray” starting on Sunday. That device only costs $20 with a two-year contract or “upgrade.”

Moreover, Phandroid reports that a white version of the Galaxy Nexus will arrive at select mobile retailers in the UK in February. The lucky retailers will include Clove and MobileFun, and the device will sell for around £500. So far, we’ve heard nothing about a white Galaxy Nexus making its way to the US. And considering how long it took Verizon to release the device in the first place, we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath.

As a side note: We’d like to request that Samsung, Sprint, and whoever else is in charge of naming these devices, goes with something that’s not so ridiculous as the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. It’s ever-so confusing, especially when the same basic device has different names depending on which carrier is offering it. We can’t imagine that does anything to help sales. And as a customer, we’d likely just go with the iPhone, since you don’t need a thesaurus to know what device you’re purchasing.