Apple offers gift cards for its US Black Friday deals, cash savings in Europe

apple black friday 2013 deals

Apple’s Black Friday deals have gone live in the US, though shoppers are this year being offered gift cards – gift cards that can only be spent in Apple stores, that is.

In Europe, however, the usual discounts are being offered to shoppers looking to bag a bargain.

It first became apparent that the tech giant was doing things a little differently this year when its Black Friday deals went live in Australia and New Zealand on Thursday morning US time.

Instead of giving shoppers straight dollar discounts on its products as it usually does, Apple chose to offer gift cards of various values instead.

apple black friday gift card
So what exactly is the Cupertino company offering its US-based customers today? Well, order an iPad Air before the end of Friday and it’ll come with a $75 gift card, while the iPad 2 comes with a $50 card.

Those hoping for a deal on the iPad Mini with Retina display will be disappointed, however. With the revamped tablet hitting the market just a few weeks ago, Apple has decided to hold back from offering any kind of deal on this particular model, though a $50 card comes with the old Mini sans Retina display.

Anyone going for a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac today will receive a $150 gift card, though no cards are offered with purchases of the Mac Mini or new Mac Pro. A $50 card comes with an iPod Touch, and a card worth $25 with the Nano and Apple TV. Cards worth $25 are also being offered with a number of accessories on the Apple store.

Cash savings for Europe-based shoppers vary. In the UK, for example, Apple is offering £31 off the purchase of an iPad Air (reducing it from £399 to £368), while a saving of £81 can be had on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac purchases.

It’s not clear why Apple has chosen to switch to gift cards for some countries while offering discounts in others, but hopefully recipients of cards won’t have too much difficulty selecting an accessory or two for their new piece of Apple kit.