Confirmed: iOS 6 scales for iPhone with 4-inch screen

Tests show iOS 6 works with larger iPhone screen

If there was any doubt left that the next iPhone would have a bigger screen, there isn’t any more. Tests performed by 9to5Mac show that iOS 6, which will almost certainly come loaded on the next iPhone, perfectly scales to a display with a 640×1136 resolution.

Using the iOS 6 Simulator application, 9to5Mac adjusted the resolution to the aforementioned 640×1136, and iOS 6 automatically added a fifth row of app icons to the simulated display (see above, left). This exactly matches the rumored homesceen layout we’ve been hearing about for a while now. Furthermore, an iPhone screen with that resolution would match earlier reports (also from 9to5Mac, and others) that the next iPhone will sport a screen that measures about 4 inches diagonally. The width of the purported new, larger display would be the same as all previous iterations of the iPhone, which have a 3.5-inch display, but the new screen would be slightly taller.

The test also shows that iOS 6 will work with a 640×960-resolution display, like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Adding further evidence that Apple has a larger iPhone in the works, the same test performed using iOS 5, the current version, did not have the same results; the number of icon rows stayed at four. Also, iOS 6 does not display five rows of icons for any display resolution other than 640×1136.

In short, this evidence all but confirms that Apple has an iPhone with a larger, 640×1136 resolution in the works. We say “all but” because Apple has not confirmed any of this (and won’t until official launch day), and we haven’t yet seen a fully functional next-gen iPhone — but we have come pretty darn close. Photos and video of what is purportedly the front and back shell of Apple’s next smartphone have popped up repeatedly.

If all of this evidence proves legitimate, then there really isn’t much mystery left in terms of the next iPhone. But we’ll still have to wait until September, when Apple is expected to make the big reveal, to know for sure.