Best of IFA 2018 Award Winners

best of ifa 2018 award final 200x239Maybe you’ve heard of IFA, the biggest technology show in Europe. Maybe you haven’t. It really doesn’t matter, because all anyone really wants to see are the hottest new gadgets, and IFA 2018 delivered them in spades. From wall-devouring 8K televisions to one of the most unique laptops we’ve ever seen, the biggest names in tech strutted their stuff in Berlin this week — and we saw it all.

As predicted, TVs were huge. Voice assistants were packed into absolutely everything. And even though we didn’t expect much in the way of laptops, a few in particular blew us away.

But with 1,805 exhibitors, not every single one was a star. We stripped out the duds and swept away the clones to find the best of the best, and they’re all right here.

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