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Best automotive deals for Amazon Prime Day

Christmas in July has arrived again with Prime Day, and we’re here to be your Santa Claus for all things car tech. We scoured through all the best deals for this non-bank holiday to find you the very best swag to keep your ride on the road, to keep your butt comfy, and to keep you safe while behind the wheel.

This year, Prime Day has been especially kind to petrolheads with some of the deepest discounts we’ve seen on some of our favorite gear as well as new contenders. Without further ado (is ado ever really needed?), here are our top five Prime Day 2019 automotive deals:

Vavofo 1500a Portable Jump Starter

Getting stranded sucks. Even having a suddenly dead car in your driveway is no picnic and a serious day-ruiner. But we live in 2019 and the days of begging a neighbor or sibling for a jump-off their car is over. You can continue your Netflix-hermit existence in peace and get your ride working on your own with a portable jump starter. The Vavofo 1500a is one of our favorites with its build quality, variety of features, and starting power. This bad boy will start up to an 8.0L gasoline engine, or a 6.5L diesel engine, so it’s capable of taking care of you unless you own the most exotic V12 or commercial truck. On Monday from Noon to 6pm PST, you can grab this portable charger for 50% off, a deal we’ve never seen on the Vavofo before.

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Roav Viva USB Car Charger

The Alexa voice-assistant is a great technology, but it’s only for the home. Or is it? Anker has brought Alexa to your fine automobile with their Roav Viva model, so your road trips can get a lot more A.I. assistance. Make calls, ask for music, control your smart home, order food, or get directions all through asking Ms. Alexa while on your way home.

The Roav is on sale for 34% off Monday until 1:40 PST , so jump on this quickly if you’ve always wanted that A.I. goodness in your daily driver.

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Vantrue T2 Dash Cam

The roads are crazy out there, so you’ve got to protect yourself. I’m not talking about packing heat, I’m speaking of protecting yourself through the law with a dash cam. We’ve all seen enough crazy Russian dash cam footage to know it’s handy to have a witness on your side to the shenangans that happen on the open road. One of our favorites (and one we have extensive personal experience with) is the Vantrue T2 dash cam.

The Vantrue T2 monitors your car for 24 hours – yes even when you are not driving – by using microwaves to sense anything going on in front of the camera and start recording. On top of this parked car protection, the T2 also has night vision, ODBII integration, a supercapacitor instead of a battery (to better withstand the extreme temperatures of car interiors) and an 18-month warranty. This Prime Day the VanTrue T2 is 30% off from Monday at 8pm PST to Tuesday 8pm PST, so you officially have no excuse for not protecting your ride.

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Anker Soundsync Bluetooth Receiver

Music is the soul of any road trip, this is a fact. And people keeping their cars longer and longer (as has been the trend over the last decade), odds are that your car might not have Bluetooth capability, leaving you in the musical dark ages of radio or an aux cable stretched from your phone to your dash. You can finally banish this horrible existence by grabbing the Anker Soundsync Bluetooth Receiver while it is 32% off on Monday from 5:35PM PST till 11:35PM . It may not be that fancy or flashy, but this small gadget is the cheapest way to upgrade your driving experience.

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Craftsman Mechanics Tool Kit

Man, woman, child, or dog, you’ve got to know how to do repairs on your car – even if the most rudimentary of tasks like changing a battery or tightening up some rattling parts. If you’re a novice at doing your own wrenching, a good place to start your tool set is with a bundle that covers most of your bases. Almost every toolbox starts with screwdrivers and sockets, and this Craftsman 102-piece set has those and much more to get you on your way to changing your own oil (or the whole transmission if you’re feeling ambitious). It also includes a hammer, a measuring tape, an adjustable wrench, and Allen wrenches. Only serious jobs will require a tool kit more expanded than this, and at 20% off on Tuesday from 6:30AM till 6:30PM PST now is the time to jump into the greasy finger life.

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