Best Prime Day Dash Cam Deals 2020: The cheapest prices

Prime Day is in full swing and there’s no shortage of cheap dash cam deals to choose from! If you’ve been waiting all year for the best Prime Day Dash Cam deals, you’re in luck. Amazon has ensured there’s no shortage of good Prime Day deals with plenty of Dash Cams for keeping an eye on your car at all times. Read on to find out more about the best deals.

Today’s best Prime Day dash cam deals

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Vantrue N4 Three Channel Front, Inside and Rear Dash Cam

$230 $260
You'll have all your bases covered with this three-channel dash cam. It can capture crystal-clear footage up to 1440p resolution even at night.
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Vantrue N1 Pro Compact 1080P Dash Cam

$60 $80
Vantrue's N1 Pro Mini Dash Cam captures 1920x1080 full HD video with a 160-degree wide-angle lens. Motion sensor, collision detection, and 24-hour parking mode. Save $28 with discount code KNQ​T7HDB.
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Garmin Dash Cam 65

$220 $250
Garmin's Dash Cam 65 has outstanding picture quality, but in such a small size you'll forget it's even there.
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VAVA VA-VD002 Dual Dash Cam

$130 $150
The VAVA dual dash cam system records videos in 1080p with both cameras, capable of rotating to provide a 360-angle view and parking monitoring, equipped with an HDR Sony sensor for beautiful videos.
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Minolta 1080p HD Dash Cam

$40 $50
This Minolta dash cam may be small, but don't underestimate its surveillance capability. It records in 1080p HD and has a spacious 16gb memory for all your on-the-road footage.
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AUKEY DR01 1080p Dash Cam

$50 $60
Monitor your parking space and keep your car secure with this Aukey Dash Cam. Capture 1080p HD security footage and get clear nighttime recording when you have this installed in your car.
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APEMAN C420 Mini Dash Cam

$38 $50
Despite it's small size, the APEMAN C420 Dash Cam records in 1080p with a 170-degree angle wide-angle camera for detailed videos and also has night vision.
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TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

$80 $120
With 1080p resolution for front and rear cameras, you'll get sharp quality for all your road footage. Both cameras have 340-degree wide-angle lenses and can rotate at 360 degrees.
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Garmin Black Dash Cam 46

$124 $150
See everything clearly with this dash cam's 1080p resolution and 14-degree field of view.
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Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080p Dash Cam

$160 $200
Vantrue's N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080p Dash Cam records your car interior as well as the front view. Save $80 with discount code 8YNZVG96.
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APEMAN C550 Dual Dash Cam

$48 $79
Get front-to-back coverage for your car with the APEMAN C550 dual dash cam system, with up to 1080p resolution footage, a GPS, and a built-in G-Sensor.
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Vantrue S1 4K Dash Cam

$170 $200
Yes, you can finally have 4K-quality dash cam footage with this Vantrue model. It also has night vision and 24-hour parking mode, perfect for nighttime surveillance.
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WIMIUS 1080p Dash Camera

$36 $40
Wimius' dash cam is a low-cost option with great reviews.
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Vantrue N2 Uber Dual Dash Cam

The Vantrue N2 is a favorite among rideshare drivers, thanks to dual-camera support and great picture quality,
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Anker ROAV C2 Pro Dash Cam

$130 $150
The Anker ROAV C2 Pro Dash cam is a well-rounded option that's worth every cent, featuring 1080p resolution footage, a G-Sensor, and excellent night vision capabilities.
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Cobra Dash 2216D Drive HD Dual View 2-Channel Dash Cam

$200 $210
For full protection on the road, install these front and back cameras. The front camera records in 1080p resolution, while the rear camera records in 720p.
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Insignia™ Front and Rear-Facing Camera Dash Cam

$80 $100
With a G-force sensor that automatically records incidents upon impact, you'll get the footage you need at 1080p resolution with this Insignia device.
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VVCAR 3.0" Triple Dash Cam

$170 $200
VVCar's 3-lens Triple Dash cam has front, rear, and inside cameras. 30% discount with code QWO73UXQ
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Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam

$145 $170
Made with wide-angle lens, this Nextbase dash cam can capture a wide range of scenes as you drive. You can also review videos on its 2.5-inch LCD screen.
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YUNDOO B-DT28 Dual Dash Cam

$45 $60
This budget-friendly dual dash cam combo is an excellent 1080p option that covers your front and rear with parking monitoring, loop recording, and automatic light adjustment for every time of day.

How to choose a dash cam

Eyeing the Prime Day dash cam deals but not actually sure what you’re looking for? It’s a smart idea to know how to choose a great dash cam for you. There are some key points to consider.

First of all, why do you want to buy a dash cam? It’s a fantastic way to help you keep a little safer on the road, capturing footage of anything nefarious that may happen to you while you’re driving or while your car is parked. It’s also a fun way of capturing some unintentionally hilarious footage that you can upload online and try to become a viral sensation with.

Most dash cams are easy enough to install yourself but it’s worth checking out the installation instructions before you commit, or so you can arrange your friendly local mechanic to help out.

It’s also important to see what quality footage is recorded by the dash cam. The higher quality the better, providing you add an SD card to record plenty of footage. Favor cams that have a loop function if you’re short on space as they automatically overwrite older footage when the capacity is reached, although a bigger SD card is generally a good idea regardless.

One useful feature is to have a dash cam like the Garmin Dash Cam 56 which offers a time-lapse feature. That way you can create fun time-lapse clips demonstrating your route. Dash cams aren’t just about safety after all — they can be for sharing fun times you has at an unusual location.

Some expensive dash cams offer night vision technology that automatically adjusts lighting levels to provide the best picture, but it’s not foolproof and it’s never going to be as clear as in broad daylight. Consider this if the price of a night vision dash cam seems excessive to you, even in a Prime Day sale.

Similarly, high-end dash cams may come with voice recognition features but they’re not really needed. As long as you pick one with user-friendly features, you won’t need to worry about tapping too many buttons.

Want more information on the best dash cams out there? We’ve checked out plenty to find the best dash cams.

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