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Add Remote Start to Your Car with This Accessory, and Save $50 Today

Take a quick peek at the latest roundup showing off the best Best Buy deals on offer and you probably won’t find anything quite like this next one. If you have an older vehicle or a base model that lacks a remote start option, you’d be forgiven for thinking there was no hope of getting it — at least not without upgrading to a new car. The reality is you can enable it by installing a third-party solution, and Best Buy is offering a deal on a remote start system right now plus installation.

The Compustar one-way remote start system includes everything you need to set it all up, and get this, installation is included. Normally $350, you can save $50 right now, and get it for $300. Just make sure installation is available at your local store. Grab that deal below or keep reading to learn more about Compustar’s remote start system.

Why You Should Buy the Compustar One-Way Remote Start System

Like so many of the best remote car starters on the market, once installed, which is done by implementing the bypass module (included), the Compustar’s wireless key fob or transmitter has a 1,000-foot range. In short, that means you can start your vehicle remotely anywhere within that range, like when you’re coming out of the grocery store, out of your home or apartment, or leaving work.

You might ask yourself why you would want a remote start. If you live in a hot or cold climate, you can start the vehicle early, essentially prepping it for your trip. That would give it time to warm up or cool down, before you get in, based on what you set the climate controls to during your last ride.

The entire system is virtually seamless with most modern vehicles and can be discreetly installed, so you don’t have a huge component or visible element under your dash. It remains relatively hidden, while still working effectively. You can also upgrade the system by adding Compustar’s to add additional functionality, like vehicle tracking for instance.

On any other day, it would cost you $350 for the Compustar one-way remote start system, but Best Buy’s offer slashes $50 off the price, bringing it down to $300 which is already an excellent deal. More importantly, the bundle includes Geek Squad installation at most Best Buy locations so you won’t have any extra charges to have it installed in your system by professionals. While we don’t normally include review details, this system has a fantastic rating on Best Buy’s site with many praising its ease of use — after installation. It’s certainly a welcome addition for anyone that lives in a cold or hot climate, as you can make your vehicle much more comfortable before you climb in. This deal won’t last forever though, so take advantage while you can.

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