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Tesla Cybertruck RV attachment hits $100M in pre-orders

An attachment for Tesla’s Cybertruck that turns the all-electric pickup into an RV has raked in $100 million in pre-orders, according to the company that built it.

Las Vegas-based Stream It unveiled the $50,000 pop-up accessory earlier this year and plans to have it ready when Tesla’s Cybertruck hits the road in 2022.

CyberLandr Announces StartEngine Campaign and $100 Mil in pre-orders

The CyberLandr’s super-compact design complements the futuristic look of the Cybertruck and offers space for a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office — with some quick conversion work necessary for several of the rooms.

Features include a solar panel roof, electronic tinting windows for privacy, a smart TV, cooktop, touch- and voice-controlled faucet, refrigerator, 3-in-1 chair/recliner/bed, recirculating shower, dry-flush toilet, pivoting tables, voice-controlled LED lights, and a heated floor.

Interior of the CyberLandr RV attachment.
Stream It

When it’s not in use, the CyberLandr folds neatly down into the bed of the Cybertruck in a way that prevents any aerodynamic drag, thereby avoiding any serious impact on the pickup’s range.

“This also means that, unlike other RVs, Cybertruck with CyberLandr can access more places on and off-road — including fitting in normal parking spaces, going through drive-thrus, and fitting in parking garages and home garages,” the company said.

According to the CyberLandr’s FAQ page, the company’s plan is to have engineers install the attachment rather than letting Cybertruck owners do it themselves.

“Our factory will be down the street from the Tesla factory in Texas, and ideally, we will install your CyberLandr within hours of it rolling off the production line,” Stream It said. “We encourage you to do that with us if you happen to be picking up your Cybertruck in person, or we can intercede the shipping of your Cybertruck and perform the install and send it on its way with Tesla delivery. The exact approach won’t be known until we get closer to production of CyberLandr.”

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019. The company has been taking pre-orders for three versions costing between $39,900 and $69,900, with pricing dependent upon the number of electric motors, towing capacity, and range.

Current estimates suggest Tesla has taken around a million orders for the electric vehicle.

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