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Watch Saleen’s Tesla Model S-based Foursixteen do a burnout

If you think electric cars are boring, Saleen’s got your number.

The Foursixteen is the tuner’s take on the Tesla Model S and, as the above video demonstrates, it can smoke its tires like a muscle car.

It also sounds like a pissed-off remote-control car. That might take some getting used to if your ears are attuned to the big V8s Saleen usually works with, but a burnout is still a burnout.

It’s also impressive considering that Saleen didn’t make many mechanical modifications. The Foursixteen produces the same 416 horsepower as the Tesla Model S P85 it’s based on, although Saleen did an 11.39:1 final-drive gear to improve acceleration.

Considering that the stock Tesla will do 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds, that should make for a pretty quick time.

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Other modifications include a locking differential and available suspension to improve handling, as well as optional carbon-ceramic brakes.

However, the biggest changes are in the aesthetics department. The Foursixteen gets a complete visual makeover including a new front bumper, rear spoiler and diffuser, and bigger wheels and tires. The Tesla front graphic is even removed for a completely grille-less look.

All of this will be available soon for $152,000, and owners will likely still qualify for Federal, state, and local electric car incentives. That should help pay for extra tires.

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