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HP’s new Chromebook 14 comes with AMD inside, instead of Intel

Chromebooks are typically powered by Intel processors under the hood, but at CES 2019, HP is changing that.

In a first, HP is launching a new Chromebook 14, with AMD processors inside, bringing more flavor to the expanding portfolio of Chromebooks. Unveiled alongside it is a more premium Chromebook, but let’s start with the AMD-powered option.

HP Chromebook 14

Scheduled for release in January for prices starting at $269, the HP Chromebook 14 comes with either the AMD A4 or the A6 series CPUs on the inside. Alongside its corresponding integrated Radeon R4 or R5 graphics, the processor promises enhanced productivity on these affordable laptops.

Key Specs

  • Processor: AMD Dual-Core A4-9120
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
  • Memory: 4 GB DDR4-1866 SDRAM
  • Storage: 32 GB eMMC
  • Battery Life: 9 hours and 15 minutes
  • Weight: 3.40 pounds
  • Audio: Dolby Atmos Sound

The Chromebook 14 will be available in white, blue, and gray, and will come with dual speakers, branded by B&O for an enhanced audio experience. Though not fully convertible, it comes with a 180-degree hinge and a 14.0-inch diagonal HD SVA anti-glare WLED-backlit display at 1,366 x 768 resolution. That’s certainly not 1080p as we prefer, but for $269, that’s what you get.

Battery life is promised at up to nine hours and storage comes in at 32GB eMMC. The system also ships with a base of 4GB RAM. Typical with Chromebooks, the device also has access to 100GB of Google Cloud storage and access to the Google Play Store. Ports are also generous, coming with two USB-C 3.1 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a headphone jack.

HP Chromebook x360 14 G1

This is a high-end Chromebook if we’ve ever seen one. Though powered by Intel processors, launching alongside the HP Chromebook 14 is the Chromebook x360 14 G1. In a first for HP, it comes with options for up to an 8th-gen Intel Core i7 processor.

However, sporting a fancy aluminum cover and keyboard dock, diamond-cut touchpad, a narrow bezel touchscreen display, this is the Chromebook for consumers who are a part of the modern workforce.

Key Specs

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4415, Core i5-8350U, Core i3-8130U, Core i7-8650U
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4-2133SDRAM
  • Storage: 32 GB or 64 GB eMMC
  • Battery Life: Up to 13 hours
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds

The ports, too, seem to be catered for professionals, coming in with both two USB-C 3.1 ports and a USB-A 3.1 port, ensuring that dongles basic accessories won’t be needed.

At just 0.63 inches thin, it is fully convertible and features a 360-degree hinge. The 14-inch FHD display (1,920 x 1,080 resolution) also looks to be impressive for a Chromebook, though its claim of 67 percent of the sRGB spectrum isn’t all that good. Other important specs include a claimed 13 hours of battery life, up to 64GB storage, and a 16GB memory cap.

Pricing and availability were not shared at CES.

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