Lenovo debuts high-res Yoga 2, lets business get limber with ThinkPad Yoga

lenovo debuts yoga 2 lets business get limber with thinkpad lenovoyoga2 1

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Lenovo’s Yoga, now available in several versions, has consistently been among the most highly-praised convertible laptops on the market. Now the company has released a sequel, the Yoga 2. And while it may lack a crazy subtitle, it makes up for that with absurd specifications.

The standout feature of the Yoga’s sequel is the new 13-inch, 3,200 x 1,800 display. The bump in resolution has increased pixels-per-inch to 282, greater than an iPad or Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and nearly double a 13-inch laptop with 1080p display.

And that’s not all. The Yoga 2 also boasts fourth-gen Intel Core processors, a weight of just 3.5 pounds and a thickness of .61 inches. This makes it 10 percent lighter than the original Yoga and extends claimed battery life from eight to nine hours. Sales start in October at $1,099.  


But what about business customers who’d like to limber up? Now Lenovo has them covered, too, with the predictably named ThinkPad Yoga. This new model has the same versatile hinge as the consumer device, but its specifications differ. The 12.5-inch display offers a maximum of 1080p resolution, the hard drive provides up to 1TB of storage, and digitizer pens are supported with the optional full HD display. Fourth-gen processors are standard, too.

Perhaps the most interesting feature, however, is a “lift and lock” keyboard which changes height depending on how the system is used. When the hinge is set for laptop use, the keyboard rises to provide better access and key travel, but when folded over for use as a tablet, the keyboard retracts to make it less bothersome. The ThinkPad Yoga will be available in November with a $929 base price.

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