Microsoft’s Bluetooth keyboard brings laptop functionality to tablets

As much as the touchscreen interface has been great for giving us larger displays, more colorful interfaces and a whole new way to interact with our devices, it’s impossible to say that typing hasn’t suffered. With little to no physical feedback and no give to the digital keys we’re pressing, it makes it difficult to know if you’re hitting the right “key,” which isn’t conducive to speedy, accurate typing.

Microsoft’s answer to that problem is not to just suggest people use a laptop instead of their tablet, but instead buy its new, foldable Bluetooth keyboard for just shy of $100. Unveiled earlier this year and now available for purchase, the device has physical keys — though we’re not told what type of switch — wireless connectivity, and a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to three months at a time.

To make sure it stays charged for that long, it magnetically folds up and turns off to conserve power.

Better yet, it’s compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, so it should work regardless of what device you have. Those with multiple devices however will find it easy to switch between, since each keyboard can be paired with up to two devices at once, and can be switched between at the touch of a button.

Designed to be portable, the keyboard is light and thin, measuring just 5 millimeters at its widest point. It’s also spill resistant, which should give users enough time to clean it off if they get caught in the rain or knock over a glass — just don’t expect to be typing on the ocean floor with this one.

Although you might wonder why some of the students struggling to type on their tablets wouldn’t just take a laptop to class, do you think this keyboard will catch on?

Available at: Microsoft Store