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Relax like a badass feline with a Microsoft Ninja Cat-themed wallpaper

Although Microsoft’s beloved Ninja Cat might have started his career riding into battle on a unicorn, and has since saddled a variety of strange beasts, sometimes he likes to relax and you should too this holiday season. To help get you into the festive spirit, the Microsoft Ninja Cat can be enjoyed as a Windows 10 theme with a few new wallpapers entitled Ninja Cat Holiday Escape.

“Snow, sun, or sand, Ninja Cat knows how to have the purr-fect holiday getaway — and if you have to flee a fierce Yeti now and then, it just adds to the adventure,” reads the Microsoft store page about the new wallpaper collection. It does a good job of introducing potential downloaders to the intriguing mix of screen backdrops that feature the famous feline in all of his seriously cool glory.

There are four wallpapers in total, each of which are said to showcase the “best of Ninja Cat’s greatest moves.” Some are more exciting than others, but all of them have Ninja Cat as their main focus. In one, he appears to be trekking through the snow, ready to take on some frosted peaks in the distance, while another has him at the center of his very own Christmas sweater design.

While we certainly have our favorites when it comes to that kind of apparel, Ninja Cat is wearing a variety of outfits in his new wallpaper collection. In one where he appears to visit some sort of candy land — please do tell us how that’s related to winter, we’re still wondering — he’s wearing a red jumper, blue jeans and some fluffy lowtops.

The final one seems the most appropriate for such a master of the animal kingdom. In it, Ninja Cat has turned the age-old dog and cat paradigm on its head by manning his very own dogsled through a snowy forest. Better yet, he’s able to enjoy the Aurora Borealis as he goes, making for a very fetching wallpaper in the process.

Of course as cool as of all of these wallpaper choices are, the branded Digital Trends ones are pretty swanky, too. If you’d rather download the Ninja Cat ones, though, we fully understand. The Microsoft store has them as a complete collection.

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