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The Mini-LED iMac Pro could be delayed until the summer

The upcoming iMac Pro might not arrive until the summer, according to one industry analyst. That’s a later date than has been previously predicted, with a number of outlets previously stating the refreshed Mac could touch down at an Apple event this spring.

The prediction comes from Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), who has a reliable track record for Apple display-related leaks. In a tweet accompanying DSCC’s weekly report, Young claimed the iMac Pro’s release date “looks more like summer” than spring. In a follow-up tweet, Young explained that “We expect panel shipments from June, but the product may not launch till August or September.”

Man editing video on an Apple iMac Pro.

This is an interesting revelation, not least because DSCC had previously outlined its belief that the iMac Pro would indeed be revealed in the spring. However, it seems the firm’s industry contacts have since put dampeners on that idea.

Just the day before today’s report, journalist Mark Gurman claimed in his weekly Power On newsletter that Apple was planning to launch “at least one new Mac” at its spring event this year. While Gurman did not specify which Mac this would be, the sensible money has previously been on the Mac Mini and the iMac Pro. With DSCC’s latest prediction, the iMac Pro might have now dropped out of the running for the spring event.

As we reported in today's DSCC Weekly, we no longer expect the Apple iMac Pro to launch in the spring. Looks more like summer. Still with a MiniLED backlight, but fewer MiniLEDs/zones than in iPad/MacBook Pro's.

— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) January 31, 2022

The pushed-back release date was not the only revelation shared by Young. The analyst also claimed the iMac Pro’s display would still use Mini-LED technology but would feature fewer Mini-LEDs and dimming zones than the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

The iMac Pro name has been the subject of much speculation over the past few months. However, both Young and Gurman have recently referred to the device as an “iMac Pro” as opposed to simply “iMac.”

This implies the device will be a pro-oriented device rather than a larger 24-inch iMac, and that in turn suggests it will bear more muted “professional” colors instead of the bold shades of the smaller iMac. A Mini-LED display also lines up nicely with that high-end positioning, as it is currently only available in the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

We’ve rounded up everything else we expect to see in the iMac Pro in a detailed guide, so be sure to check out our in-depth coverage to stay up to speed.

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