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Star Wars Battlefront beta to be platform-agnostic

star wars battlefront beta welcomes all platforms battlefront01
Do you want in to the Star Wars Battlefront beta? Of course you do, you’re reading a story about whether you’ll be able to gain access or not. Fortunately, there is no real “not,” in this story at all (apart from that last line), as everyone who wants in will be able to get in, according to the new announcement from Battlefront community lead Mathew Everett.

That means whether you have an Xbox One, PS4, or PC, you’ll be able to take part. There will be no platform-exclusive betas as some game developers have become fond friends with — this is a beta where everyone is invited. You don’t even need to have preordered the game or given the developers any money for the privilege, which is surprising, despite the fact that by testing the game you’re doing them a favor.

Better yet, this beta isn’t only fully inclusive with regard to platform choice, but game types too. As well as the all-out multiplayer death match scenarios that will be available for players to try out pre-launch, there will also be offline couch co-op, online co-op survival missions and more advanced game modes like Walker Assault and Drop Zone, which offer very different types of gameplay.

This is again quite different from how a lot of developers do it and is perhaps even more surprising considering EA is behind the whole thing, but it makes sense to test the different types of gameplay and game modes before release, as all of them will be played in some capacity — and if the hype is anything to go by, likely by lots of people.

To make sure everyone was up to speed, Everett also answered a few fan questions, confirming that bots would be a part of the beta, explaining that Deluxe Edition buyers would unlock special ion weaponry and that there wouldn’t be much in the way of upgrades for the in-game vehicles.

Unfortunately we still don’t have an announcement for the beta launch data, but with the release date for the game set for mid-November, expect it to happen within the next few weeks.

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