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Microsoft is working to cut the file size of the basic Windows 10 install

An MSPower user reports that Microsoft is working on a trimmed-down version of Windows 10 as part of its next major release of the OS.

This stripped-down version of the OS is missing many of the basic features that Windows users have come to expect, such as wallpapers, drivers for CD drives, and apps such as RegEdit. At first glance, none of those apps are restricted so users could theoretically install them and use this as a normal version of Windows 10.

That being said, on Twitter, Lucan noted several issues with this version of Windows 10. When he tried to install Microsoft Office, he received an error, and the OS did not give him any details regarding the cause of this error.

Remember how we mentioned you would need to install CD/DVD drivers on this device? Well, since Windows 10 CloudE launches in S Mode, users will have to rely on the Edge browser to access the web. Unfortunately, it turns out that CloudE’s Edge browser is missing the download prompts making it impossible to download files such as drivers.

That being said, it is possible that these issues are simply bugs that Microsoft hasn’t sorted out yet. After all, CloudE has not yet been released so Microsoft is likely still making changes. For now, however, it remains rather unclear as to who this version of Windows 10 is meant for. We imagine even on low-powered devices most users would be better off sticking with S Mode or the standard version of Windows 10.

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