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Upgrade your desktop keyboard

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
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Everyone who has a desktop has some sort of keyboard. If you’ve stuck with the keyboard that came with your desktop computer, Mac or PC, you might be missing out on something better. While the standard keyboard does the job for most people, there are endless other options out there that might serve your specific purpose better, look nicer, or be easier on your hands and wrists. If your current keyboard just isn’t cutting it, or you’ve yet to explore your other options, we recommend that you upgrade to something a little more upscale.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 ($72)

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750This PC keyboard from Logitech is perfect for users who hate the hassle of charging or replacing batteries in a wireless keyboard. A wireless is almost not worth its functionality when you have to stop and charge it up every week or keep a steady stream of batteries on hand. This keyboard solves that pesky problem by using power from light sources (sun or indoor light) to keep the wireless keyboard constantly charged. In total darkness the keyboard will stay fully charged for over three months. The solar keyboard has a slim profile and clean lines for a desirable aesthetic and also gives users the added functionality of a long-range wireless connection, meaning you can type from just about anywhere in your office or living room. Last, but not least, the K750 is environmentally-conscious to the core, from the obvious solar power functionality to the PVC-free construction and recycled packaging.


Smartfish Reflex Keyboard ($150)

Smartfish Reflex KeyboardIf you have trouble with wrist and hand strain from hours of typing at your computer, this Smartfish keyboard would be a great upgrade from your basic version. The PC keyboard uses patented ErgoMotion technology, which monitors your typing patterns and actually makes small movements to prevent Repetitive Stress Injury. The small movements that the keyboard makes are subtle to the user, but prevent the hands and wrists from ever being constrained to one position for long periods of time. The keyboard connects via USB and has a simple, but slightly curved, black design.


Hekseskudd Ambidextrous Keyboard Tray ($139)

Hekseskudd Ambidextrous KeyboardTechnically this product is not a keyboard, but it’s an upgrade for all the Mac users out there. If you already like the simple, low-profile design of the wireless Apple keyboard, upgrade your set-up by adding a magic trackpad and this beautiful wood keyboard tray. The tray works for right or left-handed configurations and even has a flip-up design that allows for storage of small items like paper clips, pens, or post-its beneath the components. There aren’t as many keyboard options for Mac users, but this black walnut tray definitely takes the Apple design from simple to warm and luxurious.


Logitech G19 Keyboard for Gaming ($170)

Logitech G19 KeyboardIf you use your desktop primarily for gaming, a standard keyboard is probably holding you back. Add limitless functionality with a keyboard specifically designed for gaming. The G19 keyboard features a tilt-able color LCD panel to show you game stats, VOIP data, and images, custom-color backlighting, and 12 fully-programmable G-keys, allowing for up to 36 unique functions per game. One-touch media controls give you instant access to volume and playback options, and multi-key input means you can use five keys at once for complicated actions. On-board memory can save your personal preferences, and a desktop/game mode key makes sure nothing interrupts your screen when it’s game time.


Adesso SlimTouch Pro Wireless Keyboard ($120)

Adesso PRO KeyboardFor PC users who envy the sleek simplicity of Apple products, this Adesso keyboard adapts the minimal design and touchpad to a modern-looking wireless keyboard for Windows. The keyboard allows for up to 30 feet of wireless functionality, and includes a built-in GlidePoint touchpad. The keyboard also features four internet hot keys, six media hot keys, and three desktop hot keys for easier access to important controls. Because the keyboard uses two AAA batteries, the SlimTouch Pro also has a power-saving switch to conserve battery life when not in use.

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