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New Steam chat system adds group chats, video, and GIF support

The new Steam chat system is now out of beta and available to all users

A few weeks ago, the latest beta release of Steam implemented a brand-new chat system in place and it modernizes the communication side of Steam as never before. And now, the feature has made its way to all users, both of the desktop app and on the web.

“Today we’ve made the new Steam chat features, which have been in beta since June 12th, available to all Steam users. The all-new friends list and chat system makes it easier to chat and play games with your Steam friends,” the team wrote in an announcement.

Clearly inspired by some of its contemporaries in the gaming messenger space, the new Steam chat system adds group chats, overhauls friends lists, adds support for videos and GIFs, as well as encrypting its new and improved voice chat system.

Although Steam has had text and voice chat functions for years, but as other services have grown and evolved, its feature set, look, and feel have begun to feel quite antiquated. That’s all set to change with the “all-new Steam Chat,” which is not only prettier to look at, but more intuitive to use, and comes with a host of competitive features.

Describing its new chat experience as far “richer,” Valve has introduced new support for pictures, videos, GIFs, tweets, and more within its text chat windows. Users can build up group chats (for gaming or trading) and invite people to them with a quick link. That group can then be saved for later, so every time you log in you can connect with whichever of your friends are online at the time.

When you want to take things further, you can open up the new voice chat system. It’s been rebuilt to be secure and private, with a WebRTC-based backend and encryption, with all voice traffic going through Steam servers, so everyone’s IP address is hidden from everyone else. Valve also promises much crisper and cleaner audio than before and the ability to quickly launch voice chats from within its new chat groups.

If you’d like to get in touch with friends the slightly more old-fashioned way, you can always tap on them in your friends list. And that too has been overhauled, adding drag-and-drop functionality for easy organizing, a new favorites bar to keep your best pals close at hand, and new information about each player. They’re now automatically grouped by the games they’re playing, and also give you an insight into where in the game they are; No longer do you need to wonder whether your friends are engrossed in single player action, or waiting for you to join them in the next multiplayer match.

If much of this seems familiar, it’s because other chat services like Discord have offered similar features for a while. With this big overhaul though, Steam does at least bring itself some parity with the competition, making its own communication tools a viable option for its millions of gamers. Just in time for the upcoming Summer Sale, too.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta,” Steam concluded. “We’ll continue to improve the new chat system based on your feedback and requests. We’ve already started working on making it easier to chat from anywhere with a new Steam chat mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.”

Updated on July 25: The new Steam chat system is now available to everyone. 

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