Google lets people control its largest digital advertisement

google androidifiy times square android billboard

Google sees your 120-inch TV and raises you 24,990 more feet. Google has manifested its new “be together, not the same” ad slogan into an interactive video broadcasted on the largest digital screen in the United States in New York City’s Times Square.

Google is the inaugural advertiser on the 24-million LED pixel screen that stretches down 45th and 46th street and allows pedestrians to create avatars of themselves on their phones or tablets and play games on the humungous screen with others. You can create an avatar on the Androidify website or special app and there’s an elevated platform in front of the screen where players’ movements control their larger-than-life on-screen character. Google will email people pictures of their avatars appearing on the big screen if they are unable to make it to Time Square.

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A few of the games include swimming and balancing soccer balls. There’s no tentative end date for this campaign, but Android Central reports Google purchased the space through the New Year. Google will also donate ad space on the screen to non-profit organizations Made with Code, Charity Water, Khan Academy, World Wildlife Federation (WWF) , NRDC, Donors Choose, and Give Directly.

While the amount Google paid for the ad space, sold by Clear Channel Outdoor New York, is unknown, the going rate is upward of $2.5 million for four weeks.