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Digital Trends Live: Google I/O wrap-up, Lyft and Uber strike, and more

On the latest episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler and DT Producer Adrien Warner talk today’s trending tech news, including a wrap-up of Google I/O, the Lyft and Uber strike, an Amazon Go opening in New York (it takes cash!), a highway for electric trucks in Germany, Japan’s successful launch of a rocket, 3D organ printing moving closer to reality, and more.

Later, Nibler welcomes Alex Lieberman, co-founder and chief executive officer of Morning Brew, a daily newsletter that curates financial news to better engage the modern business leader.

Tiebing Zhang, chief technology officer of Circle, then joins us to talk about the effects of screen time on child development, and how Circle equips parents to control what children watch and how much screen time they have.

Lastly, Shuman Ghosemajumder, chief technology officer at Shape Security, discusses how the company works with the world’s biggest brands to prevent fraud, and how it uses A.I. to differentiate between humans and online bots.

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