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Hexoskin’s new smart shirt is just $300 on Indiegogo

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Put on your shirt and get fit — that’s all it takes when you have Hexoskin’s new smart shirt, which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The shirt, one of the latest articles of connected clothing to hit the market, is unique in how it offers Bluetooth connectivity, making it compatible with fitness apps like Strava and Runkeeper.

Updated 01-11-2016 by Malarie Gokey: Added news that there are 200 shirts available on Indiegogo for $100 less than the normal price.

Described as a wearable precision lab, the lightweight shirt will grant its wearers unique insights about their physical training, sleep, and daily activities — all the things you’d expect from a wearable — only now, it’s built into your clothes. Currently, Hexoskin is offering 200 shirts for $300 — which is $100 less than the normal price of the smart shirt — on its Indiegogo page. There were only a few left at the time of writing, so if you’re intrigued by the smart shirt, you should check it out now.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Featuring a slew of impressive specs, the Hexoskin Smart biometric shirt is produced from a breathable Italian fabric, making it both lightweight and quick to dry following even the most intense workouts. To keep you comfortable, its fit is optimized for the regulation of both moisture and heat, and because it’s water resistant, you don’t have to worry about ruining all the high-tech gadgetry it contains even in the rain. Better still, it’s machine washable, which is great, considering it’s designed to stand up to even the toughest (read: messiest) conditions.

With its cardiac, breathing, and movement sensors, there’s very little about your activity and health that you won’t be able to track with the Hexoskin Smart. You’ll be able to determine your heart and breathing rate, your tidal volume, and minute ventilation. And of course, you’ll also stay up to date on your activity level, the number of steps you’ve taken, and your energy expenditures.

Unlike your normal wardrobe, you will have to charge the smart shirt if you want to keep using it, but with 14 hours of battery life in recording mode and 400 hours in sleep mode, you won’t have to charge it all that often. And because it only takes 90 minutes to re-juice, even when you do, you won’t be shirt-less for long.

While Hexoskin does come with its own companion app, you can also use it alongside a number of other fitness trackers. “We wanted our smart clothing to work seamlessly with the best mobile apps for running, cycling, and other sports,” said Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO and co-founder of Hexoskin. “With Hexoskin Smart, our shirts now work with apps and training programs installed on more than 200 million smartphones.”

So if you’re looking for another workout shirt to add to your collection, get this particularly high tech one on the company’s Indiegogo page.

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