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Smartoo lets travelers turn their suitcase into a smart desk for their laptop

Whether you’re a frequent business traveler who works on the go or a regular globetrotter who always likes to have their laptop close by, getting comfy with your computer while you wait for your flight can be a tricky affair.

The ingenious Smartoo mobile desk hopes to change all that. No more balancing your computer on your lap. No more twisting and turning with the laptop by your side. And no more wasting time looking for a free table or ledge on which to perch your PC.

Currently an Indiegogo project and featured in the crowdfunding company’s “Team Favorites Collection,” the Smartoo is quick to install, and, thanks to its adjustable clamp system, fits pretty much any suitcase that has a telescopic handle.

It copes comfortably with your best laptop and also includes a slot to prop up tablets and smartphones. A neat addition is a removable power bank to give your handset a juice boost while you wait for an update on your flight delay. When you’re done using it, you simply fold it in two and drop it in your bag.

Created by New York-based Enblue Technology, the Smartoo’s Indiegogo page features a nice set of images showing the device in everyday use. There’s a photo of a guy using it on a subway train, and another at a station. The same besuited fella is even shown sitting in a small rowing boat on Central Park Lake. With a suitcase. And a Smartoo. It looks a bit bonkers, but hey, you never know when a spot of urgent work might come your way.

Enblue Technology
Enblue Technology

Enblue is aiming for $20,000 in funding, and has another month left to reach its target. If you’re quick, you can take advantage of one of a number of early-bird offers. These include, for example, a $65 deal that scores you one Smartoo and one power bank, as well as a tasty 35 percent saving on the expected $100 retail price.

If all goes well for Enblue’s campaign and the team hits all of its target development dates, you could be plopping your laptop or mobile device onto the Smartoo as early as December 2017.

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