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Microsoft closes its stores, Wimbledon remastered | Digital Trends Live

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler discusses the top tech news, including Microsoft closing its stores, Congress moves to ban facial recognition, Ford’s F150 hybrid, Wimbledon remastered, and more.

Noah Syken

Noah Syken, vice president of sports and entertainment partnerships at IBM, talks about how they’re remastering classic Wimbledon matches in order to bring fans closer to the game than ever.

Georgina Torbet joins the show to talk all things NASA and space, including the latest on space tourism, the newest Mars rover, SETI using “technosignatures,” and  more.

We then head to the world of photography, where we take a look at the fall of Olympus, whose imaging division is being sold off after 84 years.

Finally Drew Prindle debuts his new series “Robots Everywhere,” which explores how robots will affect our lives, from at home to on the road.

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