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Digital Trends Live: A helpful robot, iPhone rumors, and more

On episode 104 of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Chris DeGraw explored the biggest news stories from the world of tech, and spoke to some fascinating guests. On the docket this time: Rumors abound of new iPhone models, a woman may face jail time in Dubai due to a Facebook post, and more.

Also on the show, Nibler spoke to Demetrius Gray, CEO and founder of WeatherCheck, a company that monitors real estate for hailstorm damage.

He also talked with Lauren Tracy and Greta McAnany, co-founders of Blue Fever. The company is building an “empathetic A.I. that curates the internet like a big sister, based on your emotions in a healthy way,” Tracy said.

Over in DT’s New York City studio, Riley Winn spoke to Stacy Spikes, co-founder of Preshow, an invitation-only service that promises to let members see movies for free.

Finally, Winn visited the Edison Awards and had a chance to speak with Danny Isserles, CEO of Temi Usa. The company is developing a robot called Temi that incorporates Alexa and can move around environments with its user.

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