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Digital Trends Live: Amazon’s packaging machines, Tamagotchi returns, and more

On the latest episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler is joined by DT Producer Adrien Warner to discuss today’s trending tech stories, including new Amazon packaging machines that could replace 1,300 jobs, Apple’s credit card, Lyft’s possible foray into long-term car rentals, a new robot that can climb walls, Tamagotchi’s return to America, and more.

Later, Nibler welcomes Lillian Karabaic, radio host and author of Oh My Dollar! to talk about her illustrated finance book, titled Get Your Money Together, and how using kittens can help put those finances in a new light.

Matthew Wadiak, founder and chief executive officer of Cooks Venture, joins the program to discuss sustainable farming and the future of eco-friendly farming and food delivery.

Lastly, we chat with Ian Balina, blockchain investor, adviser, and evangelist, who talks about the state of the cryptocurrency market and his approach to investing in blockchain startups.

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