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Digital Trends Live: Huawei updates, Starlink launch, and Pac-Man’s birthday

On the latest episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler and DT video producer Riley Winn review the trending tech stories of the day, including the latest on the Huawei versus the U.S. saga, Amazon’s “social games” for workers, Ford’s team-up with Agility Robotics, Space X’s Starlink launch, and a milestone for Pac-Man.

Later, Nibler welcomes Vivek Goyal, the co-founder of PlayShifu, to discuss the world of augmented reality, and how his company uses AR to combine gaming and STEM education.

Patrick Sobalvarro, co-founder and chief executive officer of Veo Robotics, that joins the show to talk about the relationship between humans and robots who work side by side in the manufacturing environment.

Finally, we talk with Arfa Rehman, CEO of Virtue Health, who develops digital products to improve health across a life span, and to help everyone live better for longer.

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