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Digital Trends Live: Apple WWDC lead-up, Tesla pickup, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, it’s all about the kickoff to Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC). Host Greg Nibler and Nicole Raney, managing editor of The Manual, discuss what that could mean for legacy Apple products, and what new products might be on the horizon.

In other trending tech news, we talk about the upcoming Tesla pickup, in-display smartphone selfie cams, robotic lunar landers, and the future of untethered soft robots, and we go on a safari with Google Search.

DT Video Producer Riley Winn joins us all the way from Australia to interview Scott Vandonkelaar, co-founder of Zero Latency VR. They’ll talk about the latest in virtual reality, and how they are creating environments that let you experience untethered VR.

Senior Editor of News Mathew Katz then discusses Facebook’s privacy problem. Despite its public declaration that privacy will be the company’s main focus, a Facebook lawyer pointed out that users should have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Katz breaks down what that means for Facebook, and for users.

We then speak with Richard Burke, chief executive officer of Envoy Global, about the role of immigration and a global workforce, and how companies can access talent from around the world.

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