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Digital Trends Live: Spying TVs, Pablo Escobar’s brother’s folding smartphone

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Ryan Waniata and Adrien Warner discuss the biggest trending topics of the day, including Vladimir Putin’s Russian app law, the FBI warns about spying TVs, TikTok in hot water, airport facial scanning, Pablo Escobar’s brother makes a folding smartphone, police get access to Ring, and more.

Brandon Webb

DT Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Kaplan joins us from our New York studios to speak with Brandon Webb, founder and chief executive officer of SOFREP, a digital media platform led by military veterans that focuses on elite special forces.

We then take to the road with DT editor Adam Kaslikowski, who discusses the latest automotive news and tech, from a new cross-country record, to the EV rush, to the Harley Livewire and 2020 Corvette.

Noah Syken

Noah Syken, vice president of sport and entertainment partnerships at IBM, joins the show to talk about how IBM teamed up with ESPN to create the ultimate fantasy football app.

Dr. Jenny C. Yip

Finally, we welcome clinical psychologist Jenny Yip to discuss the app NOCD, which helps formulate a treatment plan for better mental health and provides self-help tools through exposure and response therapy exercises.

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