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Digital Trends Live: Facebook’s off-activity tool, Super Bowl players talk tech

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Luke Larsen dive into the biggest-trending tech topics of the day, including the new “Off-Facebook Activity” tool, Ring’s data troubles, Huawei 5G headed to the U.K., Atari’s video game-themed hotels, and more.

We then go to Riley Winn in Miami for our continuing coverage of the Super Bowl. He talks to some of the NFL’s top players about social media, video games, and if new camera technology has affected their game play.

Jason Yim

Nibler then speaks with Jason Yim, chief executive officer of Trigger, about how his mixed-reality agency is creating experiences for LEGO, Star Wars, and more.

Naomi Assaraf

Naomi Assaraf, founder of CloudHQ, joins us to talk about how to get the most out of G-Suite with custom CRM-level tools.

John Velasco, ST’s smart home editor, then joins the program from our New York studios to talk about the latest in security camera technology, including the Amaryllo Athena and the SimCam 1S.

Judith McGarry

Finally, we speak with Judith McGarry, chief marketing officer for PicMonkey, who proposes a bolder color of the year and talks about the latest social media trends.

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