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Leaks and more rumors ahead of Apple’s iPhone 7 party

We came, we caw, we were duly impressed

After a grueling week of sampling cutting edge tech at IFA in Berlin, the DT road team is back in the office and ready to rock! Or maybe they’re totally jet-lagged and full of strudel and have the day off, but you can catch their comprehensive recap of the tech expo at our dedicated page. We saw a lot of cool stuff at the show including a PC-less VR headset, a pretty revolutionary laptop, a cool new drone and so much more.

What got DT’s Best of Show award? Well, we’re not going to spoil the surprise, just go here and let us know if you agree with our choice.

Tick tock on the Apple iPhone clock

Apple’s big fall event is just a day away, and the hints about the iPhone 7 just keep coming. BGR reports that a Vietnamese website actually posted a review of a hands-on with the phone, confirming some rumors and squashing others.

Some revelations: it appears the iPhone 7 will indeed be water resistant. It will also shoot 4K video at 60fps for you slo-mo fans out there, and there will be a 256gig model. And, yep, no headphone jack, but lightning-jack earpods are included. Another Apple fan says he snapped this screen shot of a temporary glitch in the Apple matrix that showed an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus listed on the Hong Kong Apple site, but a click later and they were gone. So mysterious…

We’ll be breaking down Apple’s announcements tomorrow as they happen, and the big reveal gets under way at 10am Pacific Time.

Time to get rid of that low-rent Porsche 911?

Hey, if you’ve been dreaming of driving something a bit more unique to work and have about $200,000 lying around, well, we have the car for you. Check out the McLaren 570S, an “entry level” supercar.

Cousin to the 570GT, which ups the practicality level with a tiny trunk, the 570S is a trunkless and more focused speed demon, with 562 horsepower galloping from its twin-turbo V8.  To 60 comes in about 3 seconds, and our man Alex Kaloganni was lucky enough to score some seat time in the sllek black hot rod.

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