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The best AAA batteries Black Friday deal you can shop today

It’s always useful to be stocked up on batteries, especially when you can save money by picking up the best AAA batteries Black Friday deal around right now. You can get a 36-pack of Duracell AAA batteries for just $26, down from $30. It’s one of the best Black Friday deals we’ve seen on a highly-trusted brand of batteries, so these will definitely fly off the shelves during the holiday shopping season. Make sure to pick up a pack today before they run out!

Today’s best AAA batteries Black Friday deal

Duracell AAA 36-Pack Batteries

Why Buy: 

  • Great for office devices like mice and keyboards
  • Trusted Duracell brand
  • Guaranteed to last for ten years in storage
  • Duracell replacement policy for devices damaged by defective batteries

This 36-pack of Duracell Coppertop AAA alkaline batteries will make sure you don’t have to worry about your computer mice or remotes running out of juice for a long time. You can get it at Staples for just $26, which is $4 off the regular price of $30.

Batteries are one of the best home office essentials to shop, because nearly every workplace needs them, but you never seem to have enough around. When shopping for batteries, get them from a highly trusted brand like Duracell. These Duracell Coppertop AAA batteries are made of long-lasting alkaline and are designed to last for a long time, with a guarantee of up to 10 years in storage. That means this 36-pack will last for a very, very long time, especially if you’re using them for low-consumption devices like remotes.

Duracell even guarantees their batteries against defects. If any of your devices get damaged from using these batteries, you can get them replaced or repaired by Duracell. By keeping AAA batteries stocked in your supply closet, you can keep essential devices in your office running at all times. That includes peripherals like keyboards and wireless mice, appliances like clocks, and important emergency tools like flashlights.

If you’re looking for reliable batteries, then these Duracell Coppertop AAA batteries are your best bet. You can pick up a 36-pack of them for just $26 at Staples, down from an original price of $30. Stock up today, and save yourself the trouble of looking for batteries in the future! Hit that “Buy Now” button to get this discount right now.

Should you shop this AAA batteries Black Friday deal or wait until Cyber Monday?

Office supplies don’t always get discounts, so we strongly recommend picking up this pack of batteries as soon as you can. Most of the deals on Cyber Monday are an identical rehash of Black Friday, and sometimes, deals don’t carry into Cyber Monday at all. If you wait until then, you’re risking losing out on this discount.

You can always cancel your order or even return the item if you find the product for cheaper on Cyber Monday, but considering how rare discounts like these are, we doubt you’ll be able to get them for a lower price. Stock up on AAA batteries right now, because this discount could expire soon!

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