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This beautiful HD monitor is ridiculously cheap at Walmart today

Acer Nitro Monitor on a white background.

While it may feel like gaming monitor deals are a dime a dozen, it’s not often that one of the nicer Acer monitors gets itself a sale. In this case, the Acer Nitro has been reduced down to $149 from $199, which is quite a steal for a VA monitor. In fact, if you pick it up fast enough, you can probably have it at your doorstep and under your tree before Christmas day even hits.

If you’re not familiar with VA screens, the term stands for ‘Vertical Alignment,’ which is a type of display technology along with IPS and TN. In fact, VA screens tend to sit somewhere between IPS and TN screens in terms of technology, having some really great contrast paired with slightly longer response rates. This Acer Nitro tries to wrestle with that latter aspect by including AMD’s FreeSync technology and helps with things like tearing and ghosting that sometimes happens with VA tech and panels in general.

As far as desktop monitor deals go, this is a good one, given how packed the Acer Nitro is with tech. You get HDR10, a 1ms response rate, as well as a speedy 165Hz refresh rate, which is great if you’re into FPS gaming. There’s also quite a bit of connectivity here with one input for DisplayPort 1.2, an HDMI 2.0 port, an HDMI 1.4 port, and an audio out for you to connect to your headphones. It’s also an Acer monitor, so you know that you’re going to get a good quality product.

While the Acer Nitro might not have the higher resolution of a 4k screen, it’s a pretty excellent monitor even when it’s not been reduced down to $149. All in all, this is a great deal for gamers on a budget who don’t necessarily need the 2k or 4k resolutions. Of course, if you’re considering this monitor as part of a larger setup, you might want to check out our gaming PC deals to pair your possibly new Acer Nitro with. Alternatively, if you need a little bit more oomph, check out the best gaming monitors that 2021 has to offer.

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