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This webcam with ring light is 60% off during this Best Buy sale

Over the past year, we’ve all found ourselves communicating digitally more than every before. The rise of Zoom for both business meetings and hangouts with friends and family means that we’re relying on our webcams to portray us in a flattering light. If you’re not loving the way you look on the screen, you may need to upgrade your webcam. Right now, you can get this Aluratek 1080P Live webcam with adjustable ring light on sale at Best Buy for just $40. This webcam and lighting combo is marked down from $100, so you’ll save $60 when you snag this deal today.

If your webcam is leaving you looking washed out in Teams or Zoom, now is the time to upgrade. The Aluratek 1080P Live Webcam comes with an adjustable ring light, so you can get perfect lighting in every room of your house. Whether in your office or your outdoor patio, enjoy a clear, well-lit display that will make your coworkers jealous of your glow-up. Of course, you’ll need to upgrade your monitor as well to see as well as you’re seen. Check out these desktop monitor deals to improve your visual experience.

The Aluratek live webcam comes highly rated, and includes a built-in ring light and omnidirectional microphone. The ring light includes three different lighting levels, so you can adjust it based on the natural and artificial lighting around you. With an 85-degree viewing angle for improved visibility and a 6.5-foot USB cable to set up anywhere you want to record, this is the perfect webcam for your monitor, tripod, or desktop. This webcam is compatible with most MacOS and Windows systems. Interested in upgrading your computer as well? Check out these desktop computer deals going on now.

Whether you’re leading new-hire trainings or catching up with loved ones remotely, a high quality webcam can make all the different between a blurry image and crystal clear communication. Right now, take advantage of this Best Buy deal on the Aluratek 1080P Live webcam with adjustable ring light for just $40, marked down $60 from its original price of $100. Hurry, deal ends soon!

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