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Best Black Friday Instant Pot Deals 2022: What to expect

Best Black Friday Instant Pot Deals

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated sales events of the year, and while it’s still a couple of months away, it’s a good time to start planning your Instant Pot purchase from now. It may seem like overkill, but Black Friday is an overstock event, meaning there’s usually only a limited number of Black Friday deals available, so planning what Instant Pot you’re going to get from now might save you a bunch of money when it comes to shopping the best Black Friday Instant Pot deals.

When will the Black Friday Instant Pot deals start in 2022?

Black Friday happens on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, which this year will be November 25, and while you may immediately assume that’s when the Instant Pot deals happen, the truth is a little bit more complicated. In the past few years, we’ve started seeing more deals drop before Black Friday as a way to ramp up the shopping fervor of the public. That means we’ll likely see Instant Pot deals as early as the Monday preceding Black Friday, which is November 21.

Of course, the best offers will be on Black Friday. On the other hand, if you can’t wait for a couple of months until November, there are many great Instant Pot deals you can pick up right now.

Which retailer has the best Black Friday Instant Pot deals?

Small appliances like Instant Pots are widely available, so we’re likely to see sales on them at most large retailers. Amazon will, most likely, have the best deals on Instant Pots, especially given that they often have great deals on electronics and appliances around big events such as Black Friday. Alternatively, the big brick-and-mortar stores are likely to have a lot of great deals, whether you’re shopping online or at their actual stores. That means places like Walmart, Best Buy, and even Target will likely see some great Instant Pot deals.

Keep in mind that the quality and availability of Instant Pots will vary across retailers, with the higher-end Instant Pots likely going to be at Target and Amazon, while the more budget options will likely be at Walmart and Best Buy. That’s not to say you won’t find good deals in the latter two, so keep an eye out if you’re on the hunt for the best bargain. Another place you can check out is Kohl’s and possibly other retailers like Lowe’s.

Should you shop Black Friday Instant Pot deals or wait until Cyber Monday?

There are a few things that can trigger a fear of missing out, like having two big sales events right next to each other. Especially when it comes to something like Cyber Monday, which is now becoming “Cyber Week,” there are many deals going on that might make you want to wait until the last moment. The truth is, though, you shouldn’t, especially given that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are overstock events, and stock could run out as you’re shopping. Even worse, Cyber Monday doesn’t always have as big of a variety of deals as Black Friday, meaning you may end up waiting for a deal that never materializes.

As such, we strongly advise you to grab the deal you like rather than wait and accidentally miss out on it. To make you feel a bit better about your decision, you can look at the best Instant Pots available on the market right now so you can know ahead of time what to look for. There’s also our quick primer on what Instant Pot you should buy on Black Friday that might also help give you an idea of what to pick up. Finally, if you have an Instant Pot but have run into problems and need a new one fast, check out our guide on the most common Instant Pot problems and how to fix them, and maybe that will help carry you until November, when you can pick up a new one.

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