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Best Black Friday smartwatch deals 2022: What to expect

Best Black Friday Smartwatch Deals
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If you want to upgrade your smartwatch from an old model, or if you want to finally find out what’s the deal with owning a wearable device, set your sights on this year’s smartwatch deals for Black Friday. The shopping holiday will arrive soon, so it’s time to start preparing for it if you want to maximize the Black Friday deals that retailers will roll out for smartwatches made by the most popular brands. Here’s everything that you need to know now, including when the offers will start, the retailers you should focus on, and whether it’s worth waiting for Cyber Monday. Don’t forget to bookmark this page though, because we’ll add more information as Black Friday draws closer. We’ll also be highlighting the best bargains for smartwatches as they go online, to help you walk away from the holiday with the perfect wearable device on your wrist.

When will the Black Friday smartwatch deals start in 2022?

When Black Friday happens — the day after Thanksgiving — doesn’t change every year, just the date. This year, it’s November 25, but if you’re looking forward to Black Friday’s smartwatch deals, you’re going to want to mark the whole week because retailers start rolling out discounts as soon as the Monday before Black Friday, which is November 21. This means you don’t have to shop for a smartwatch exactly on Black Friday if you want to avoid the online rush, but you should know that that’s when sellers will release their most attractive offers.

While waiting for the Black Friday deals to arrive, you should use this time to learn all about smartwatches, including the best smartwatches that you can buy right now. The newly released Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra may be part of the Black Friday Apple Watch deals, but likely only for small price cuts, and the same goes for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The biggest discounts will be for previous-generation smartwatches, so you’ll have to determine the models that carry the features that you want. You may also want to take a look at other brands, such as Garmin, Fossil, and Suunto, so that you’re familiar with them before Black Friday comes along.

Which retailer has the best Black Friday smartwatch deals?

With smartwatches becoming more popular than ever before, all the major retailers will surely be offering discounts on wearable devices during Black Friday. We’re not sure which of them will roll out the biggest price cuts, but between the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, among many others, the differences will likely be negligible. Instead of asking where you can get the best deals, it may be better to stick with the retailer that you’re most familiar with so that you don’t get confused with a new platform in the middle of Black Friday.

Your choice of retailer actually doesn’t matter much, especially compared to the brand and model of smartwatch that you’re going to look for on Black Friday. Some smartwatches, like those by Apple and Samsung, work flawlessly with other devices in their respective ecosystems, while some are designed as standalone devices that don’t even need a connection to a smartphone. Some smartwatches are fitness-focused, others are meant to be worn for specific activities, and there are even a few that are just designed to look as striking as possible. Before retailers launch their smartwatch deals for Black Friday, you should have already determined what exactly you want out of your purchase.

Should you shop Black Friday smartwatch deals or wait until Cyber Monday?

If you don’t get to take advantage of Black Friday smartwatch deals, don’t worry because Cyber Monday, which happens just a few days after, will also offer discounts on wearable devices. Some shoppers even suggest sleeping through Black Friday and focusing on Cyber Monday, which will highlight electronic devices.

While it’s fine to shop for deals on Cyber Monday if you’re not able to buy a smartwatch on Black Friday, it’s not a good idea to skip Black Friday entirely. That’s because there’s no assurance that the Black Friday smartwatch deals will still be available on Cyber Monday, as stocks may run out. There’s a chance of lower prices, but that’s not a sure thing, and even if it does happen, it likely won’t be for much. If you see an offer on Black Friday for the smartwatch that you want, don’t hesitate to add it to your cart and check out immediately.

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