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Best Buy Cyber Monday TV Deals 2020: Top sales to shop today

The Best Buy Cyber Monday sale is in full swing and there’s no shortage of Cyber Monday TV deals, but for each must-have television there are at least a half-dozen bad ones. This creates quite the predicament: You want to bag a bargain, but you don’t want to fall into taking home a HDTV, 4K TV, or 8K TV that’s missing something as crucial as smart software because it was the cheapest. Fortunately, our expert list of the top Best Buy Cyber Monday TV deals is here to help.

Our favorite Best Buy TV deal is this 50-inch Samsung 7 Series for only $330, marked down from the usual $350. It hasn’t been treated to the most substantial discount, but even when it isn’t on sale the Samsung 8 Series is a no-brainer, so the chance to take one home under sticker is not to be missed. Why? Because it’s a 4K TV, has HDR10+ to boot, and is decked out with smart software for one-click access to all the leading streaming services, like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Best Buy Cyber Monday TV deals

One of the hottest TV sales at Best Buy today is an 82-inch Samsung 4K TV deal right now. See more discounts below:

Are all Best Buy Cyber Monday TV deals worth it?

No, they’re not. There’s one golden rule when shopping: If an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. This extends to Best Buy Cyber Monday TV deals. If there’s a 65-inch 4K TV on the shelves for only $150, there’s a reason. Chances are it’s devoid of fundamental features like smart software and HDR. By shopping through Digital Trends, though, you can rest assured you’re taking home a television that’s worthy of a place at the heart of your entertainment setup.

Our experts vetted each and every deal and only included the crème de la crème at each price point. This means all you need to do is decide on a screen size then choose the most expensive television that fits the bill, but still falls into your budget, from the list above. Can’t see something you like the look of? We’ve also rounded up all the best Cyber Monday TV deals the other leading retailers have to offer. There’s no harm in shopping around a bit.

More TV deals available now

Every major retailer is having Cyber Monday sales right now. Check out pages like our Walmart Cyber Monday TV Deals, or check out any of the deals below:

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