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Best gaming chair deals for January 2023

If you spend hours playing video games, you should be sitting on a special chair, otherwise you’ll suffer from all kinds of body aches and pains. A well-designed gaming chair could spell the difference between enjoying and hating your gaming sessions, and it will prevent the negative long-term effects of sitting for extended hours each day. Investing in one of the best gaming chairs is a necessity if you’re serious about video games, and they could even double as amazing office chairs if your workstation is also your gaming PC. The good ones don’t come cheap though, so you should take a look at the gaming chair deals that we’ve rounded up in order to enjoy significant discounts.

Today’s best gaming chair deals

  • Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair — $120, was $300
  • OSP Home Furnishings Eliminator Gaming Chair — $186, was $500
  • SD Gaming High Back Gaming Chair — $197, was $460
  • Alienware S3800 Comfort Gaming Chair — $300, was $380
  • Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair — $350, was $400

Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair — $120, was $300

The Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair in red, on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Affordable price
  • Extreme comfort with padded armrests, support pillows
  • Easy to clean automobile-grade PU leather
  • Can support up to 210 pounds

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a decent gaming chair, as there are affordable options like the Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair. Its design is based on the essentials of an office chair, so you can use it interchangeably when playing video games and working on projects. The additional padding on its armrests and the support pillows for the back and neck combine to ensure maximum comfort, so you can stay seated for hours without experiencing body pains, while the automobile-grade PU leather that’s used in the gaming chair is easy to clean and durable. The Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair is lightweight for easy movement, but it’s capable of supporting weights of up to 210 pounds.

OSP Home Furnishings Eliminator Gaming Chair — $186, was $500

The OSP Home Furnishings Eliminator Gaming Chair in black and red, on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Comfortable usage for hours
  • One-touch seat adjustments
  • Locking tilt control
  • Easy to move around

The OSP Home Furnishings Eliminator Gaming Chair is designed to provide hours upon hours of comfort, starting with the fully padded, height-adjustable armrests. The gaming chair also comes with integrated lumbar support and headrest, plus a thick foam seat with coil springs inside, so you’ll stay fresh even after long gaming sessions. You have the choice of placing the gaming chair in its preferred position with the help of its one-touch pneumatic seat adjustments, and you can make more changes with its locking tilt control that features adjustable tension and a full 360-degree rotation. The OSP Home Furnishings Eliminator Gaming Chair is also easy to move around with its five-star nylon base and dual wheel casters.

SD Gaming High Back Gaming Chair — $197, was $460

The SD gaming high back gaming chair awaits its gamer at a PC.

Why Buy:

  • Can support up to 330 pounds
  • Reclines up to 55 degrees
  • Easy to move around
  • PU leather is comfortable and stylish

The SD Gaming High Back Gaming Chair is capable of supporting weights of up to 330 pounds, while providing extreme comfort with the help of its pneumatic height adjustment that will let you choose how high or low you want the seat. The gaming chair also features an adjustable backrest and armrests, removable headrest and lumbar support cushions, and a recline that can go as far back as 55 degrees. If you’re planning to use the SD Gaming High Back Gaming Chair as an office chair too, you can easily move it around with its five-pointed star base with nylon casters. The gaming chair is made out of PU leather, which not only feels good on the skin, but it also adds style that matches your gaming setup.

Alienware S3800 Comfort Gaming Chair — $300, was $380

The Alienware S3800 Comfort Gaming Chair on a white background.

Why Buy:

  • Made by a gaming-focused brand
  • ContourMax Lumbar ensures comfort for middle and lower back
  • VertaAir Seat provides breathability
  • Soft seat reduces pressure on thighs and knees

Dell’s Alienware brand is known for a wide range of gaming products like laptops and desktop PCs, as well as gaming chairs like the Alienware S3800 Comfort Gaming Chair. It features Alienware’s ContourMax Lumbar, which uses a layer of memory foam to make adjustments that match the curves and angles of anyone’s body. There are two levels of modules — the top level is positioned for the middle of the back, while the bottom level aims to fully support your backbone by cradling your lower back. The gaming chair also comes with the VertaAir Seat, which solves the tightness and discomfort that you get from traditional gaming chairs by providing breathability and pressure relief, and a soft curvy edge that reduces the pressure on your thighs, knees, and lower body.

Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair — $350, was $400

The Alienware S5000 gaming chair in a futuristic room.

Why Buy:

  • Multiple adjustment options
  • Integrated steel skeleton promises durability
  • Materials limit odor and increase breathability
  • PUC leather offers long life and softness

The Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair elevates what gaming chairs are all about by providing an experience that can cater to even the most extreme of gamers. For your comfort, the gaming chair comes with memory foam neck and lumbar support, as well as the option to make adjustments to the seat height, the angle of the backrest up to a 140-degree tilt, the gaming chair’s tilt that can be locked in four different positions, and the armrests in four directions.  The gaming chair is durable with its aluminum alloy five-star base and integrated steel skeleton, and hygienic with coffee ground-infused microfiber and silver coated embroidery that limit odor and increase breathability. The Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair also features PUC leather, which combines the long life of PVC leather and the softness of PU leather.

When are the best gaming chair deals?

While these gaming chair deals are the most impressive we’re seeing right now, there’s reason to believe additional deals and discounts can be found, particularly during prime shopping opportunities such as Prime Day, as well as during holiday shopping seasons such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s not uncommon to see massive discounts on tech during these shopping rushes, and there’s plenty of reason to believe we’ll see even more gaming chair deals during these prime shopping stretches.

Something else to take into account when trying to track down the best gaming chair deals is that there are a lot of pretty good deals ripe for the picking right now. This is especially something to consider if you’re in the market for a great gaming chair and don’t want to wait until Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday to pull the trigger.

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