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The best folding ebike and electric bike deals for June 2019

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Looking for a more environmentally friendly way to get around? An electric bike is a great way to do just that. While of course riding a bike is the option that’s best for fitness, there are also limits to its range. Unless you’re really fit, you won’t get far, and who wants to show up at work a sweaty mess? If you’re looking for a different type of mobility for your commute check out these great electric scooter and electric skateboard deals.

Electric bikes can take a variety of forms, many looking like a traditional bike, while others are foldable. The latter option allows you to store the bike away just about anywhere, and with additional space in some offices at a premium, that’s a very attractive option.We have a ton of deals on both traditional as well as folding electric bikes that we recently uncovered on Walmart which we think you should check out. As always, we recommend you act fast as these sales often come and go quickly. Let’s get started.

Folding Electric Bikes

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As we mentioned at the beginning, folding bikes are great because of their ability to be folded for easy storage. But don’t take their diminutive size for a lack of power. Many of the higher-end options have just as much range as their larger counterparts, and are just as quick. A few of the models we’ve found also have app connectivity, headlights, and other convenience features you may find useful.

Now, we will note that some of these bikes do look awfully similar to one another if not essentially the same bike, so we suggest looking through the list and choosing the best deal based on your needs. We’ve also culled this list to remove some of the most obvious duplicates for you, leaving the cheapest option.

  • Hover-Way Collapsible 12 MPH Electric Scooter Sprinter Bike

    – $245-$250
  • Folding Electric Bike Excelvan Collapsible Bicycle

    – $360 (was $890) – also available

    in Black

  • Swagtron EB-1 Classic Lightweight Aluminum Folding eBike

    – $400
  • Costway 120W Lightweight Folding Electric Sporting Bicycle

    – $400 (was $800)
  • Hifashion 12-inch App Control Folding Electric Bike

    – $413 (was $1,735)
  • Costway 180W Lightweight Folding Electric Sporting Bicycle

    – $420 (was $800)
  • Top Knobs Waterproof Folding Electric Bike

    – $429 (was $1,244)

Traditional Electric Bikes

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With a traditional electric bicycle, even though they’re considerably more expensive, you still get some important benefits. Most important of all in our opinion is the overall better durability. In order to make your bike foldable, manufacturers do have to make some concessions. There are also more mechanical parts to fold the bike itself, and those may wear out with time. There’s also the consideration that folding bikes are much smaller, so a grown adult riding a folding bike might feel they look a little odd. Since these bikes are full-size bikes, you won’t look as awkward riding them in our opinion.

If you can afford it, we’d certainly recommend the Schwinn Monroe. Schwinn is one of the top bicycle manufacturers in the world, and the Monroe gets great reviews. However we have included two other cheaper options which are great alternatives.

  • Hyper E-ride Electric Hybrid Bike

    – $598 (was $998)  – also available

    in Blue

  • 26-inch Electric Power Bike Folding Bicycle

    – $700 (was $3,000)
  • Schwinn Monroe 250 Watt Hub-Drive 700c Single Speed Electric Bicycle

    – $899 (was $1,499)

Bicycles Under $100

We of course understand that for many of us, spending hundreds on an electric bicycle just isn’t feasible. We still recommend that you pick up a bicycle anyway for those short trips. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also a great way to get in your recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day while getting where you need to go at the same time.

  • Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

    – $78 (was $98)
  • Huffy 24-inch Cranbrook Womens Comfort Cruiser Bike

    – $88 (was $98)
  • Huffy 26-inch Cranbrook Womens Cruiser Bike with Perfect Fit Frame

    – $88 (was $98)

Looking for other great deals? Be sure to check out our deals page.

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