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The best Presidents Day robot vacuum sales and deals for 2021

If you’re shopping for a robot vacuum, you picked a perfect day to do so. Presidents Day robot vacuum sales have deeper than usual discounts from major brands so you can be confident you are buying a dependable cleaning assistant and at a great deal. Presidents Day sales always focus on home goods, mattresses, entertainment electronics, appliances, and home improvement bargains. For the last several years shoppers have found plenty of the best cheap robot vacuum deals during Presidents Day sales. See below for the best Presidents Day robot vacuum sales available today.

Best Presidents Day robot vacuum sales 2021

Should you buy a robot vacuum on Presidents Day?

Yes, absolutely. Not only is Presidents Day an annual opportunity to save on home improvements and upgrades, the effect is even greater for 2021. Presidents Day 2020 occurred before the pandemic started. Many people had to work from home and generally stay at home most of the time. For much of the rest of the year, everything that could improve home living was in demand, from wood for projects to home exercise machines and all types of home appliances, including robot vacuums. Now, however, the need to make our homes more comfortable is stronger than ever as we realize we will be encouraged and in some cases required to stay close to home for most of the year. So now, as retailers gear up for the first big sales event of the year and manufacturers have been rebuilding inventories and shipping massive amounts of products, 2021’s Presidents Day robot vacuum deals will be better than ever.

How to choose a robot vacuum on Presidents Day?

Now that robot vacuums have reached mainstream appliance status, there are numerous brands. Roomba, Deebot, Eufy, Neato, Shark, and Roborock are just some of the larger brands, but there are many smaller brands as well, particularly brands that sell entry-level robotic vacuum cleaners. Most of the major brands sell at least a half dozen models of various power and with different capabilities and features. You can find Presidents Day robot vacuum deals ranging from $100 to more than $1,000. If that all sounds overwhelming, the following are the main factors to consider when you choose a robot vacuum, today on Presidents Day or any day.

  • Purpose — Is your robot vacuum going to take over all the floor cleaning in your home or will you use it to tidy up high traffic areas like hallways, entrances, and the main living common living areas of your home. Robot vacuums run on rechargeable battery and the running time between charges can range from about 30 minutes to more than an hour and a half. If you want a robot vacuum for convenience cleaning during the week, an entry-level unit should be fine. If you want a robotic vacuum to thoroughly clean floors on a multi-level home with lots of square feet, you should level up to at least a midrange model.
  • Your home’s size, floors, and flooring — If you have a small, one-story home, with all surface floors, a robot vacuum won’t spend much time cleaning. Just keep loose extension cables and extra socks off the floors (both are among the most common items that will stop a robot vac in place). Larger homes with multiple floors and loads of carpeting or rugs need more powerful robot vacuums that detect floor surfaces and types and automatically boost the power as needed.
  • Special features — All robot vacuums have multiple cleaning modes and will return to their docking charging station automatically to recharge. More advanced models remember where they left off cleaning when they needed to power up and will automatically resume cleaning at the correct location. That’s a cool feature. As robot vacuum price tags rise they have more powerful navigation and mapping capabilities. Some models maintain floor and room maps for multiple floors and can even be commanded or scheduled to clean specific rooms by room name. Since robot vacuums suck in and discharge air as they work, many manufacturers integrate HEPA-rated air filtering to remove pet dander, dust, smoke, odors, and small particulate matter from the air. Continuing up the feature list, the high-end models of some of the major brands not only recharge and resume without human assistance, but they can also self-empty their dust bins into a central much larger bin incorporated in the docking station. Finally, there are also models that work as both robot vacuums and robot wet mop machines, performing both functions in turn on appropriate floor surfaces as they move through your home. If you want all the features mentioned, and more, prepare to spend north of $600 to as much as $1,200, at least at list price. Fortunately Presidents Day robot vacuum sales can knock significant amounts of the list prices.
  • Cost — As mentioned at the beginning of this section, you can find robot vacuums on sale for as little as $100 (or slightly less). Most entry-level models sell for between S150 to $225 during good sales like today. The high-end machines start at about $600 and max out at about $1,200. The mid-level robotic vacuum cleaners, well, they have mid-level prices, typically ranging from about $350 to $500.

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