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Black Friday 2019: Best Deals on Mattress Toppers

Black Friday has changed a lot over the last few years, from the day you’d show up to your favorite store hours before midnight, waiting for the doors to be unlocked and shoppers to flood in. The ensuing drama made for great social media content the next day, but shoppers quickly showed they weren’t interested in the hectic mess that resulted from the best Black Friday deals selling out by 4 a.m.

This is the season of being thankful, and we’re thankful that those days are over. Instead, brands and retailers have begun announcing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals online in the period leading up to Black Friday, so you don’t have to wait out in the cold or sacrifice sleep to get a great deal. In fact, we’re giving you deals that should help you get better sleep at night.

Mattress toppers have a variety of purposes: They can make your mattress firmer to be more supportive, they can add softness to relieve pressure points between your body and mattress, and they can add extra circulation to give you a cooler night’s sleep. Here are some of the best deals on mattress toppers for Black Friday.


10% off sitewide through Dec. 1 with promo code BLACKFRIDAY10

best mattress toppers 2018

This Black Friday deal runs all weekend, and you can save 10% on everything by DreamFoam, not just its mattress toppers. DreamFoam’s memory foam and gel mattress topper won’t just add an extra two inches of comfort to your bed — it also adds extra cooling power. If you typically sleep hot, you know the frustration of trying to get to bed while you’re overheated and sweating. Then you have to lie on top of damp sheets. The blue coloration in this topper is actually infused gel, which helps keep the memory foam from retaining heat to keep your body cooler.

Pacific Coast

Up to 40% off mattress toppers

Pacific Coast is all about quality, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend an entire paycheck on one of this brand’s mattress toppers. The comfort of feather pillows is unmatched, and if you want a mattress topper that’s comfortable above all else, it’s hard to beat a full feather mattress topper. Pacific Coast offers mattress toppers in a variety of lofts and fills, so you know you’re getting the perfect mattress topper for you, and during Cyber Week, you can get a mattress topper from this brand for up to 40% off.


40% off any size Tempur-Topper through Dec. 3

When you think of mattress toppers, you typically think of memory foam. And when you think of memory foam, you might think of Tempur-Pedic. Tempur-Pedic is known for being a luxurious brand with high-quality memory foam products, and if a full memory foam mattress from Tempur-Pedic isn’t in your budget, you might want to check out its mattress topper instead. In fact, right now is the perfect time fto buy mattress topper, because you can get one for a whopping 40% off through Dec. 3.


20% off sitewide through Dec. 2

Zinus has a variety of mattress pads and toppers, all with memory foam, so if you’re on the lookout for a great deal on comfortable and lofty mattress toppers that will add extra support yet softness for your hips and shoulders, this is a brand worth checking out around Black Friday. Through Cyber Monday, you can get 20% off the entire Zinus site, which includes all of its mattress toppers. Each topper serves a different purpose, whether you need increased airflow to sleep cooler or increased softness to relieve pressure on your body at night.

Looking for more great deals to save you money this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Don’t forget to bookmark Digital Trends’ Black Friday page so you can stay updated on all the biggest savings running through Cyber Monday. If you’re looking for some more sleep deals, check out the best Black Friday mattress deals or save big on linens and pillows. If you’re interested in shopping via a retailer, check out Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Target, or search deals at Amazon.

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