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These Bluetti Halloween deals are downright spooky, but also so so sweet

Bluetti AC300 portable power station supplying power to desktop during outage.

This content was produced in partnership with Bluetti.

What’s as scary, or scarier in some cases, than a crazed and masked killer chasing you down on a cold autumn night? No power, or losing access to a reliable power supply, especially in today’s hyper-digital world. You won’t be able to upload family photos. You won’t be able to see what everyone else is doing for Halloween. You won’t be able to watch spine-chilling movies or warm up with a mug of hot cocoa. That is, unless, you have a backup solution, also known as a portable power station. And wouldn’t you know it, Bluetti is offering a slew of bootiful and haunted Halloween deals on power stations, extra batteries, and solar panels — the latter so you can charge up your devices with renewable energy. From October 20 to November 5, you have an incredible chance to save, and fill up your trick-or-treat bags with more than just candy!

Some examples of what’s in treat include Bluetti’s EB3A portable power station for $209 — normally $239 — which is a spooky savings of $30. The AC200P powerful station starts at $1,399 — normally $1,599 — which is $200 off during the Halloween event. Then there are combo deals that include everything you need, such as the bundle with an AC200MAX plus two PV350 solar panels for $3,199, which has been slashed and ripped by $398. Of course, that’s just the start, there are a lot of sweet treats available if you’re into portable power stations, or honestly, if you just want to have a power solution anywhere — you can use them in your backyard, at a campground, on the road, or even off-grid. Check out the sale below, or keep reading for some more details on the event, and what’s on the chopping block.

Creep the Sale

Sweet Bluetti deals that are as good as free candy

Bluetti Halloween deals promo cropped.

OK, maybe free candy is a high bar to set — who doesn’t love sweets? But honestly, these are some pretty awesome deals, so now’s a great time to pick up a portable power station and any accessories you might want, far in advance of power issues this winter. It’s also a great time to point out that if you’re hosting a Halloween party, you can use the power station to power lights, speakers, and other electronics outside — like in your backyard or even a local park — and you don’t need an outlet nearby either.

Downright spooky BLUETTI bundle deals

Bluetti EP500Pro at a party.

Bluetti bundles, or rather package deals, allow you to get everything you need at once, like a portable power station and some extra backup batteries to keep everything powered on for longer than normal. With some of these bundles, for example, it’s possible to power everything the average family would need for up to a week, maybe more. Honestly, the combo deals are really where it’s at.

The bundles that include solar panels can be charged anywhere, whether on the open road or off-grid. The panels are also designed to plug right in, especially since the AC300 and EP500Pro have inverters and extra power adapters to both convert and charge using the incoming energy. You don’t need anything extra with these bundles! Moreover, if you opt for the AC200P+B230 or AC200P + B300 bundles, you’ll get an XT90-P09D connection cable — normally $89 by itself — for free.

The best way to choose a power station is to consider just how much you’ll need to power, on average, whether during an outage or just wherever you need it. For example, the Bluetti EB3A, while fantastic, has a smaller 268-watt-hour capacity, so if you need to power appliances or anything substantial you’ll want to go with one of the bigger power stations, especially if you want to keep your gear powered for an extended period. The great thing about this sale is that it doesn’t really matter what you need — pretty much all of Bluetti’s stations and extra gear are on sale.

The spooky Halloween event kicks off at 7 p.m. PT October 20, and will be live until 7 p.m. PT November 5, which will speed by, so even though it seems like you have plenty of time to save, well, time waits for no one. Head on over to Bluetti’s site and take a look while the night is young!

Creep the Sale

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