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This Celestron telescope is only $78 at Walmart for Cyber Monday 2021

If you’ve been wanting to get serious about stargazing, but you’re put off by the high price of the equipment, this Cyber Monday Telescope deal has your back. Right now you can get this Celestron AstroMaster telescope for only $78, a $52 discount from the original price of $130. Jump on this offer before the best Cyber Monday deals end or sell out!

Today’s Best Cyber Monday Telescope Deal

The Celestron AstroMaster with a stand.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Can see as far as the moons of Jupiter
  • Smartphone integration for astrophotography
  • Comes with Celestron Starry Night Software
  • Multiple eyepieces for adjustable viewing

This Celestron microscope will open up the galaxy for you. It’s a great purchase for a new or aspiring stargazer. It’s easy to set up, so new enthusiasts won’t be overwhelmed with a massive manual right off the bat. You’ll be able to see the details of beautiful planets as far away as the moons of Jupiter. Check out the intricacies of the rings around Saturn. Star formations will be clearer than ever before. It will foster the passions of aspiring astronomers and get them excited about where they can go from here.

One thing that sets the Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ LT apart from other telescopes in its price range is the smartphone connecting features. You can use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to your telescope and unlock a whole range of new features. For instance, you can actually attach your smartphone to the eyepiece of the telescope to take perfect pictures of your celestial discoveries. The sturdy frame makes sure your iPhone or Android locks into place over the eyepiece. Then, when you find the view you want to snap a photo of, you can use the Bluetooth-connected fob to remotely activate your camera. That way you don’t bump the telescope at all when taking your photo. After all, a millimeter difference in the angle of your telescope is lightyears of space up in the sky.

There are a few options for this Celestron. You can use two different eyepieces for either a macro or micro view. Want to check out what phase the moon is? Use the macro lens. Want to see the craters on the moon? Switch to the micro lens. Of course, you don’t have to use a telescope just at night. Want to check out that lighthouse down the beach in the middle of the day? Or look at the top of a mountain from the safety of your own home? The Celestron AstroMaster can help. Buying this telescope also unlocks the Celestron Starry Night Software. This software will teach you about the objects you’re looking at, and help you plan your next stargazing session by knowing what will be in the sky above you.

When does this Cyber Monday telescope deal end?

Walmart isn’t making any promises about this deal. It could end at any moment. Cyber Monday often gives way to a loosely labeled “Cyber Week,” but that’s not an excuse to hold off on this deal. The discount likely won’t get any better than it is today. If you’ve always wanted a telescope and this one checks all your boxes, you should spring for it now.

Another thing to consider is the global shortage of stock right now. Supply chain issues at every level are seriously hurting retailers. Even the massive giants like Walmart aren’t able to keep things in stock. On top of that, telescopes are very popular holiday gifts. There’s a good chance that the Celestron AstroMaster will sell out soon.

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