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You just missed out on getting a Fire HD 10 Plus for $1 (we did too)

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus tablet, with apps on the screen.

Only a little while ago, we spotted an Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus listed on Amazon for just $1 — seriously.

The high-end Amazon Fire tablet normally retails at $235, so a discount of $234 was — frankly — utterly absurd. Unsurprisingly, then, the deal ended almost as quickly as it appeared. If anyone did manage to grab a Fire HD 10 Plus at this price, it would have been one of the Prime Day deals of the century, given you’d be saving over 99% off the usual price. Instead, anyone who added it to their basket found Amazon quickly removing said item from it so that there was no way of actually buying the item.  Some users found an error occurred the moment they hit the buy button, presumably while Amazon scrambled to undo their mistake. Moments later, the price was restored to its usual $235 without even a hint of a Prime Day discount. It sucks; we know. We missed out too, and we’re super unimpressed.

So, what now? Well, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus isn’t on sale at all right now as part of the Prime Day deals, and there are only hours left for the two-day sales event. While it’s not impossible that we see an Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus this late in the day, it seems fairly unlikely. That’s a shame, as when we compared the Amazon Fire HD 10 and the HD 10 Plus, we were impressed at how much faster the Fire HD 10 Plus is compared to the already speedy Fire HD 10. It also has wireless charging capabilities, and it feels better on your fingers thanks to its “soft touch” finish. It’s definitely a premium product, but at the moment, you’re paying a premium privilege for the price.

Instead, right now, a far better option is the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. It’s on sale for $75 at Amazon, when it’s usually priced at $150. A chunky 50% off, meaning $75 off the usual price, it’s significantly cheaper than the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus while still offering plenty of great performance. Only true power users will want to seriously consider paying the extra for the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus tablet.

Alternatively, you can check out the Amazon Fire Tablets landing page right now to see the other Prime Day tablet deals going on. There’s sure to be something here for you with a wide range of options including some of the best tablets for kids and the best tablets overall.

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