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Instacart Free Trial: Try the grocery delivery app for free

Home delivery services give us all an option to skip the lines, stay home, and just have our groceries delivered right to our doorsteps, which is a godsend these days. There’s no need to deal with traffic if you can just have everything dropped off at your house. That’s precisely what Instacart offers, and it’s real, it’s possible, and it’s the best thing ever. If you aren’t sure how to buy groceries online but would like to try one of the best grocery shopping delivery apps, you might want to consider an Instacart free trial. With the service, you can order groceries online from stores in your area. A designated shopper picks out all the goods and prepares it for you for home delivery or, depending on the store, gets them ready so you can pickup curbside or in the store. There are fees involved, but Instacart grocery store partners also offer special deals for Instacart shoppers. If the convenience and time-savings of shopping from home are intriguing, there are Instacart free trial promotions to check it out for yourself. Read more about it below.

Is there an Instacart free trial?

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There are two Instacart free trial programs: one for regular Instacart and another for Instacart+, formerly Instacart Express. Rated as one of the best food delivery apps, Instacart partners with a wide range of grocery stores and other retailers in your area. For ordinary Instacart orders, you pay a delivery fee, a service fee, tax, and a tip, all when you place your order. Delivery and service fees can vary depending on the stores, distance, the size of your order, and your preferred delivery time. With the regular Instacart free trial, there is no delivery fee — typically $4 for orders $35 and over — for your first order. You still pay a service fee — usually 5% of the total order, depending on the store, tax, and a tip, but there is no charge for delivery.

Instacart+ costs $10 a month or $100 a year, but you don’t have to pay a delivery fee for orders $35 and higher. With the Instacart+ free trial, you can get unlimited free deliveries for 14 days. In order to register for either free trial, you have to sign up with a valid form of payment — usually a credit or debit card — in order to try the free trial. After your first order with an Instacart account, delivery fees apply to subsequent orders. The unlimited delivery Instacart+ free trial deal ends after 14 days, and unless you cancel your account, your payment method will be charged the $100 annual membership fee.

Can you get Instacart for free?

In addition to the two Instacart free trial promotions above, alternately you can also take advantage of occasional Instacart promotions with third-party companies. For example, in a current promotion, Delta Skymiles members who do not have an Instacart+ account can link their Skymiles membership with a one-time free Instacart+ trial membership. Skymiles general members, Silver Medallion members, and Gold Medallion members are eligible for a one-time three-month Instacart+ trial membership. Skymiles Platinum Medallion and Diamond Medallion members are eligible for a one-time 12-month Instacart+ trial membership.

You might also consider the Walmart Plus free trial which offers a month of free delivery, and more.

Are there any Instacart deals?

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If you still have questions about Instacart, you can think of it as a store account membership deals app as well as a grocery delivery app. In addition to the Instacart free trial memberships, Instacart account holders can take advantage of special deals and promotions with Instacart store partners. Pricing for items purchased in stores or online via Instacart are not necessarily the same, and store partners at times offer special savings for online Instacart shoppers. Instacart also partners with recipe sources such as AllRecipes for grocery delivery for recipes. It’s helpful to know that Instacart store partners  are not limited to grocery stores. For example, when you use your Instacart account, you can shop at bulk sale membership stores just as Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club without purchasing a separate membership for the membership stores. Depending on your location, you may also find deals at stores near you such as CVS Pharmacy, Walgreen, Petco, Michaels, Best Buy, Staples, Lowe’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and many more.

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