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Save $100 on the Roomba e5 at Best Buy to celebrate New Year’s

Happy New Year! No matter how responsible you are this year, or how small your New Year’s Eve party, there’s always a mess to clean — tomorrow and all year round. Fear not, there are some great Roomba deals for you to browse. And right now, at Best Buy, you can get an iRobot Roomba e5 Robot Vacuum for $100 off. It’s down to $250 from its regular price of $350. It’s easy to clean up with this deal.

This is an ideal Roomba for pet owners, but it’s also great for anyone with a home featuring plenty of edges and hard-to-reach places. It deep cleans using two rubber brush rolls as well as a spinning brush. Altogether, this is a mighty and versatile robot vacuum that’s super easy to use — in fact, it has just three buttons on top. There’s one for Clean, which serves as both the power button and the signal for the e5 to engage in automatic cleaning. There’s a Home button that sends the Roomba e5 back to its charging station, and there’s a Spot Clean button to clean particularly targeted areas.

Another feature we love about the Roomba e5 is its Virtual Wall Barrier, which uses smart technology to create a virtual wall to limit the areas in which the Roomba can clean (like an electric fence for your pup). It’s a great feature if you want the Roomba e5 to stay away from fragile furniture and the like. This Virtual Wall builds on already existing technology that employs a suite of sensors to help the Roomba e5 navigate furniture and its surroundings.

Ultimately, we care most a robot vacuum’s cleaning abilities. And with this one, they’re legion. It’s great on all floors and carpet in removing pet hair, dust, grime, kitchen spills, fine powder, and everything in between. The setup is remarkably easy (out of the box you just need to plug it in to charge and 90 minutes later you’re ready to go). Best of all, when it gets low on juice it will automatically return to its charging station. And it works with Alexa, too, so its operation can be touchless. Amazing!

New year, newly clean home! Take advantage of Roomba deals or head over to Best Buy where you can get the iRobot Roomba e5 for $100 off. It’s down to $250 from its regular price of $350 — a huge discount.

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