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Roomba i3 robot vacuum is just $299 at Amazon for Cyber Monday

If you’ve ever wanted to cross vacuuming permanently off your to-do list, take advantage of this Roomba i3 deal at Amazon right now, which sees the robot vacuum on sale for just $300 — down $100 from the usual $400 — for Cyber Monday.

With the world in a temporary slowdown, you’ve probably spent a lot of time at home recently — maybe weeks in a row. Bedrooms have become offices, and kitchens have become cafeterias. You want those spaces to stay as clean, comfortable, and livable as possible. The iRobot Roomba vacuum can help take a load off of your daily chores. With a slew of programming options, you can virtually forget about vacuuming. The Roomba i3 can be programmed to roam your house at a specific time every day, or whenever best fits your schedule. After a few days, the Roomba will have mapped the floor of your house and know it’s new cleaning route.

Through the iRobot app, you can check which areas the Roomba has cleaned each day, program its schedule, and tell it to start cleaning whenever you want — even when you’re not at home. Spill some snacks on the floor? Just tell Alexa to start up your Roomba, and the little robot will do the rest. The i3 is the most affordable Roomba model with an automatic garbage built into its home base, so you can forget about it entirely while you focus on working and relaxing. If you’re looking for an even smarter model, we have you covered with all the latest Cyber Monday Roomba deals.

Here’s what one customer had to say about the Roomba i3:

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Roomba isn’t the only robotic vacuum. There are tons of Cyber Monday robot vacuum deals worth checking out, like this Roomba S9 deal. If you’ve ever wanted a new tech toy to make your stay-at-home life a little less hectic, this is the week to buy. Forgetting about vacuuming just got $100 cheaper.

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