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True wireless earbuds for just $30? You have Cyber Monday to thank for that

Want true wireless freedom? If AirPods or Echo Buds lie far beyond the outreaches of your budget, JLab Audio will get you a similar experience for far cheaper this Cyber Monday. Already affordable at $50, Best Buy has the JBuds Air by JLab Audio for just $30, a $20 discount. You won’t find a better Cyber Monday headphones deal than that.

If you’re unfamiliar with JLab Audio, this up-and-coming audio brand made its name by engineering quality sound while keeping costs insanely low, with the savings passing down to consumers. The JBuds Air are the cheapest true wireless earbuds in its lineup, but they output much better sound than you’d think. You can thank their 8mm drivers for that, which offer a balanced soundstage with bass that isn’t at all offensive. Whatever qualms you have with the out-of-box tuning can be improved by switching between three equalizer modes.

Using Class 1 Bluetooth 5.0, you can connect them to your phone for music and calls. Onboard buttons help you manage playback, and they’ll also bring up Siri, Google Assistant, or whichever your favorite virtual assistant is. The battery will run dry after about six hours of use, but the charging case adds another 18 to get your total to 24 hours. Adding to the worth, an IP55 water and dust rating protects it during workouts or rainy days. Some competing products under $100 have some of these features, but very few have all of them, which makes the JBuds Air even more impressive priced this low.

The accessories inside the box are quite useful, too. JLab includes two sets of ear tips for inner canal fittings, but there’s also a pair of circular cush fins to help them better fill your outer ear. The result is a tighter fit that may allow the earbuds to stay in during jogs and other bouncy activities.

Even at their usual $50, the JLab JBuds Air encroach the premium tier’s lower rung for a fraction of the cost competitors are asking. Factor in that extra $20 off, and there’s no better option for cheap true wireless earbuds. Best Buy has them in both black and white.

Buying one? Consider putting those savings toward Best Buy’s $10 Geek Squad Product Replacement plan, which won’t save the day if you lose them, but will come in handy whenever those batteries start to wear down. Cyber Monday isn’t over, so keep your eyes peeled for more awesome deals on headphones and other great products as the peak shopping season wraps up.

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