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Stay cozy with the best Cyber Week deals on pillows and linens still on offer

Your performance during the day often depends on how well you sleep at night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, no matter the reason, you’re simply not going to feel great during the day. Most of us have experienced that horrible moment of jolting awake after falling asleep at our desks in front of our computers — and coworkers. Our bodies and minds are finicky; we might be having trouble sleeping because of a variety of reasons: It’s too hot, it’s too cold, you took an accidental nap after work, you’re too stressed to sleep, your partner is snoring. The list goes on and on and on. Then, once you’re asleep, you might have trouble staying asleep.

There are a few things that can be difficult to remedy. However, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect environment that will make it as easy as possible for your body to get to sleep, and stay asleep, so you can spend your day alert, in a good mood, and feeling good. One of those ways is to get yourself the perfect sheet set and pillow. After all, if you feel like you’ve slept well and stayed asleep all night, but you’re still waking up in pain or you just don’t feel comfortable once you’re awake, it might be your sheets and pillow.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come to an end, and now with December in full swing, you can still get some great deals. Whether you’re shopping for linens and pillows or just accessories like throw blankets and decorative pillows, we’re still keeping track of the best deals on the market for Cyber Week. Oh, and don’t forget about mattress deals, because some of our favorite brands have even extended their deals through December 9.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Brands

Brooklyn Bedding

25% off sitewide through December 8 with code CYBERWEEK25

If you missed out on Cyber Monday, you missed out on Brooklyn Bedding’s best deal: 30% off goods on the entire site. However, through December 8, aka the end of Cyber Week, you can still get an incredible 25% off everything by Brooklyn Bedding. That means its Talalay latex, shredded memory foam, and ventilated memory foam pillows, along with mattress protectors, sheets, and even its super comfy weighted blankets. It’s about to get cold, so this is your chance to save and stay warm during winter, too.

Nest Bedding

$300 off your order of $1,299 or 10% off sitewide with code NESTLIFE through December 8

Ever spent $1,299 on pillows and linens? No? Well, you should try, because Nest Bedding is offering $300 off when you spend more than $1,299 through December 8. Not likely to spend $1,299 on sheets? OK, we get it. But Nest Bedding just added an even better deal if you’re just looking for sheets and pillows, with 10% off the entire site through December 8. It’s a great benefit to the procrastinators among us because we’ve got another week to drag our feet, but if you’re considering buying new sheets or a cozy new pillow for a loved one during the holidays, you have the chance to get a great deal from Nest.

Boll & Branch

Up to 30% off everything with code CYBERVIP

Yet again, we’re seeing a brand increase its deal for Cyber Week, giving Monday shoppers the better deal when compared to Black Friday shoppers. On Friday, you might have only seen savings up to 25% off sitewide, but Boll & Branch is now giving you 25% off automatically with code CYBERMONDAY. Then, if you spend more than $750, the brand is giving you 30% off with code CYBERVIP. If you’re in the market for a mattress, that 30% off deal won’t be hard to get to, but 25% off the brand’s luxuriously soft, high-quality and even organic sheets isn’t a bad deal, either.

Pottery Barn

25% off everything with code GIFT

Pottery Barn’s Cyber Monday deals might be over, which gave you 25% off everything, but you’re now getting into the great holiday deals. Pottery Barn is giving you the same deal, this time you just need to use the code GIFT. Plus, you’ll get free shipping, so you don’t have to worry about the price skyrocketing once you get to checkout. If you’re looking for furniture, however, you’ll get 20% off there. Either way, you’re looking at a great amount of savings.

Sealy CoolGel Pillows

37% off copper and charcoal pillows

Sealy is well-known not just for its mattresses, but its pillows, too. One of the most common issues we face when trying to fall asleep is getting too hot at night, especially if you’re a side or stomach sleeper. That’s why Sealy has created pillows that keep you cool at night. These two pillows, which are made with copper and charcoal memory foam, help disperse heat while you sleep so your face and head stay cool at night.

West Elm

20% off furniture, 25% off everything else

If you love Pottery Barn, you likely love West Elm, too, as both brands offer products that both make your home look great and that are actually comfortable, too. West Elm’s Cyber Week sales are over and it’s now offering 20% off furniture and 25% off everything else, so you can still get those sheets, linens and pillows for a great deal. Plus, get free shipping on orders over $49 with code MERRY.


Up to $1,000 off through December 8

If you’ve made it this far through this list, and we hope you have, you’ve got a lot to think about. And while we have you covered on sheets and pillows, what about throw blankets and decorative pillowcases? If you’re looking for linens for your living room instead of your bedroom, Burrow has the deal for you. Save 15% off sitewide when you spend up to $1,499, then get $250 off orders more than $1,500, $300 off orders more than $1,800, $400 off orders over $2,000 and the list goes on. You get the best deal — $1,000 off — when you spend over $5,000. And you might be tempted to spend that much, as Borrow has a great selection of luxury couches, rugs, tables, and other home furnishings.

Mellanni Fine Linens

20% off sitewide through Cyber Week

Mellanni Fine Linens is a brand that offers sheets in double brushed microfiber and the popular Egyptian cotton. The brand sells in sheet sets, individuals pieces, and duvets and comforters as well. With 20% off sitewide throughout Cyber Week, you should also consider picking up a Mellanni mattress pad, pillows, and even curtains. Either way, you know you’re getting a great deal by trying out Mellanni.

Luma Sleep

15% off sitewide EXTENDED through December 6

Luma was originally offering this deal just through Cyber Monday, but we have some good news if you decided to sleep on this deal and are having regrets: Luma is extending its Cyber Week deal through December 6, giving you its original Cyber Monday deal of 15% off the entire site, or 25% off its mattresses. Luma offers Talalay latex, wool or TempaCool pillows, each designed to keep you cool while you sleep. You can also check out Luma’s sheets and mattress toppers, some of which are made with organic cotton and wool. That means you’re getting tons of high quality and eco-friendly products for 15% off for another few days.


25% off sitewide through December 8 with promo code CYBERWEEK25

If you’re checking out this list, it probably means you missed Propel’s incredible Cyber Monday sale, which was giving shoppers everything on the site for 30% off. But you haven’t missed out entirely. Through December 8, Propel is offering 25% off sitewide. You’ve missed that 40% off Propel hybrid mattress, but you can still get great accessories by its parent brand, Brooklyn Bedding, for 30% off. Don’t forget to use that CYBERWEEK25 promo code, however.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Retailers


Black Friday shopping has changed dramatically in the last few years, and Amazon has a lot to do with that transformation. Last year, Amazon shoppers for Black Friday saw tons of deals on Tempur-Pedic pillows, and shoppers saw something similar this year. From duvets and sheet sets to pillows for side, back, and stomach sleepers, Amazon has tons of great deals throughout the month and through Cyber Week. However, keep the page bookmarked and check out that upcoming deals section; tons of great Amazon deals are featured as flash sales, so you don’t want to miss anything during Cyber Week.

The big day is over, but Black Friday deals at Walmart aren’t slowing down. Plus, you should expect more deals for Cyber Week now that Cyber Monday has ended, too, so if you’re in the market for linens and pillows, get in your purchases ASAP. Walmart is king when it comes to snagging great products at low prices, so don’t forget about this retailer when you’re searching for your next sheet set and pillow.

When you think of Target on Black Friday, you might immediately think about its electronics. While, yes, Target had some great deals on TVs, video games, and computers, it also has great deals on everything from kitchenware to clothes and shoes to the bedroom throughout the rest of the week. So don’t sleep on Target when you’re looking for those pillows and sheet sets as we get say goodbye to Black Friday and Cyber Monday and get into Cyber Week.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but JCPenney has great deals on bedding for Cyber Week, which of course includes linens, pillows, and everything you need to dress your new Black Friday/Cyber Monday-bought mattress. JCPenney may not be the first retailer you think of when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but it’s worth adding this retailer to your bookmarks because JCPenney offers some great deals on everything from home goods and kitchenware to toys for your nieces and nephews. Ready to get started? Check out this deal: 55% off an 800 thread count sheet set by Grace Home Fashions. Use code THANKS19 at checkout and get another $16 off.

We know you’re looking for more than just great deals on bedding. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us but Cyber Week still ahead, you’ve got tons of options to save money on Apple products for Black Friday, electronics and more from Best Buy, and everything you need to know during Cyber Week.

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