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The smart alarm clock you didn’t know you needed is $20 today — $50 off!

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If you know someone super techy and want to get this a weird and creative gift for the holidays, this is an unexpected option. Normally you’d consider something like a smart alarm clock an unnecessary, extravagant purchase, but right now it’s only $20, down from $70. That price makes it worth the investment, and you might be surprised how much use someone can get from it. Read on to hear why the functionality makes the $20 price tag a steal.

Why you should buy the Lenovo Smart Clock 2

If you’ve been reading up on the best alarm clocks but are keen to snag something smart yet cheap, you’ll love the Lenovo Smart Clock 2. A truly smart bedside companion, it offers a full-color LCD screen that helps you organize your day. You can set up reminders and alarms, ask it questions, check on the local weather or traffic report, and all from the comfort of your bedroom or desk. It’s possible to control up to 50,000 compatible devices with your voice or touch giving you plenty of power over your smart home.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 provides improved sound compared to its previous model thanks to its front-firing speakers that deliver room-filling audio. Tuned for clearer vocals and better tones, you can use it like an intercom and broadcast your voice to other speakers within your home. A 4-inch touch screen showcases the time, weather, and any photo you choose with customizable clock face displays getting things just how you like them.

As you would expect from one of the best smart speakers in this price range, there’s plenty of functionality here. Ask Google via the speaker to check your appointments, play some music to wind down in the evening or simply turn off your smart lights or lock the door for you. It’s all so simple yet very useful and impressive to deal with.

Normally priced at $70, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is down to only $20. A considerable bargain that will save you $50, this is an ideal smart speaker to add to your home or gift to a loved one this holiday season. Buy it now while stocks last. You’re really going to struggle to find a better smart home deal than this one.

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